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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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HSGI pistol Tacos

HSGI Double-stack Taco

HSGI WA/WE shoulder pads

HSGI admin pouch

HSGI bungie retention straps

flyye MBITR pouch

Flyye utility pouch

random OD pouch.

Arctyx hydration pack inside rear of PC with Flyye MC tube cover

ACM bungie 2 point sling

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New Warrior Assault Systems RAPTOR PC in Multicam, its a very nice piece of kit, plenty of potential to carry plenty of kit and remain comfortable. But the only downside is it is rather bulky, even unloaded and it does take a good full minute or 2 to put on and take off due to the 3 layers of fitting.




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It's my 5th or 6th Eagle Plate carrier of 2010, most have gone to allied members. Who could this go to next :) ? Or will I keep it.... :P


Also took me about 2 years to try to find a BHI PCU in Alpha Green Large-Reg... :( ....BUT GOT IT FOR CHEAP AND NEW :D !!!

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i didnt know were to put this.. but anyway.


what are peoples views on wearing plate carriers over soft armour ?


could i get away with wearing a paraclete HPC ( with no cummerbund ) over paca soft armour ?


or even a lbt 6094a over a paca ?

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Probably going to have it set up for Army Special Forces.


Really comfortable than the standard EPC with the light cushion. The Soft armor is actually a little bit thicker than normal, or at least the soft armor that I used to own (a friend's BALCS soft armor). I need to find a company that makes soft armor for the EPC.








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Decided to chuck it all together for one last photo before I ship off all the stuff I've sold :)


In addition to this, I'd be running an ATS Lightfighter RAID Pack with loose linked ammo.






Also grabbed some last shots of my M07BA.




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Hey guys! I finally got some pics of my plate carrier. Made by me and all my coworkers. The thing weighs a ton, but is set up for my shotgun and rifle (and secondary of course)










Taken after a lot of the teams guys that come in.


Kit List

-Coyote Brown custom Vel-Tye hugger

-Custom Vel-Tye Hawk Sling (to my specific length desired)

-Coyote Brown Large Vel-Tye Lo-vis chest rig

-Vel-Tye Chem-light holders

-Vel-Tye Pen Holders (found em laying around the shop, sue me)

-Tactical Tailor Shotgun Shell holder

-OD Green Condor m60 pouch

-Tan Condor double Mag and Admin pouch

-Gerber strap cutter and multitool pouch

-Misc radio pouch

-Vel-Tye Flex Cuff Holders


And of course the misc doo-dads obviously seen in picture.




I thought I might share something recently made in the shop today as well! Atacs pattern!







I am only very happy to have been a part of making some parts of the first ATACS hugger ever made! I think it looks great!

Edited by Kai_Wolf

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It was originally made to compete with MC for the new military pattern, I hear didn't do so well.... especially at longer ranges where the pattern tends to "blob" looking like one solid tone. The sharp edges and widely varying colors that it tires to get rid of are the very things that make a successful camouflage, it's roughly the same issue that is present with UCP, and why it dosen't "blend in" with anything. Something with a detail that refined is not picked up on by the eye well and so it will just mix it all together into one tone so you'll see someone wearing tan or brown off in the distance, and be able to make out the outline of the body. where as the sharp edges and solid colors of things like M81 woodland breakup your outline as your eye picks up on the color changes but can't quite identify the difference between a dark tone and shadow properly. At least that's my understanding of how all that works.... I could be wrong.


I don't know if there was an official look at A-TACS by the military but I know it was out, available, and that they were aware of it's existence, and that some sour words were said about it somewhere.


Edit: I have heard the same as Kai though, I just can't find any pictures of military and not LEO units wearing it. It looks like it has potential in an arid environment, which it was designed for, and the lack of a green component may be why MC was selected over it, unless the decision was political.

Edited by frogfish

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Im actually not sure with this one. I didnt get a chance to look at the card, BUT I know that the Teams have been experimenting with the pattern. Ive also heard around that some of them have been approved to use the pattern, but dont hold me to that. I think someone just found out we had some of the stuff and wanted it.

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This just arrived in a box today :D. A custom Banshee by TAG. I've asked them to give me A-TACS webbing instead of coyote. Unfortunately it does look loose without plates. The rig consists of :-


Custom Banshee (with A-TACS webbing)

Custom double mag pouches (coyote webbing removed)

Custom 50oz hydration (with A-TACS webbing)

Standard single M4/pistol mag pouch





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Unfortunately Tactical Performance won't be ready to make A-TACS BDU's/Combat gear for personal customers until February. They've been focused on making for retailers (which at least in Japan, the retailers are charging an extra 20% overhead approx). Maybe I'll have to mix the above with Multicam or pick up a coyote or ranger green BDU.

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