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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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The printed webbing is a huge improvident; the sharp edges of solid colors really jump out in photos of this blurry camo. Isn't A-TACS Velcro out as well?

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WAS's new Raptor in Coyote Tan




Amazing bit of kit. :)

A rather long review here for the curious ones.



2x Minimi (actually M60) type pouches in Tan, one with the internal divider and the other for general utility/dump pouch use

1x General/Medic Medium-sized Pouch in CT

1x General Radio/PMR Pouch in CT


Needs moar pouches. :P

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A couple of Propper reps came in to the store where I work the other day to drop off the first samples of ATACS ACUs. We'll be stocking them in mid January to early Feb, and Propper's guys said that the US Army signed a contract to begin using them in some scenarios in 2012. I don't think it will replace Multicam (which is now being issued to US soldiers at Ft. Jackson, so presumably is about to make the wholesale switch), but it will almost definitely be used as a secondary camo.

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Assault setup. Needs flashbangs. In the pictures it has been setup for 3 M4 mags, but thanks to BFG ten speed pouch I can easily go for 6 mags.

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Here is my plate carrier (dont be to harsh first one and new to airsoft) will take comments on what i should do with it :) well here it is :)



three double m4/m16 mags total 6 mags on front (total 12 mags on me when i play on in gun but 2 are hi caps for fun the rest are 30 round lo caps)

2 single pistol pouchs: inside spare small size battery and tools

hand held torch

tape attached to climbing hook

spare climbing hook

and elastic sling for random gun or front of gun

admin pouch to hold pans and other stuff and halo patch (something different i suppose) :P



Left side;

2 double m4 mag puchs ( with some tatical tape)




back side;

radio pouch with bottle of bbs in winter/water in summer



right side;

medical/utility pouch, inside: batterys first aid kit, hicap and random stuff


custom sling



well thats mine :) help is welcome and will be thankful

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quote name='PianoBlack' timestamp='1285223217' post='2376497']


Just a Paca with a Velye low-vis integrated into it to answer a forum member's picture request.




Piano that is just simplicity at it fu@%ing's finest right there my friend. Sleek simple and to the point. And I can't remember who had the AOR hugger but that thing is quite nice. But isn't all the RICAS, CIRAS, Hugger's etc..not plate carriers and more flak's? Anyway great stuff everyone. Ohh..and before I forget Pekyo your's is exactly that High-speed/low drag..and art.




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US Army SF Gunner Plate Carrier set up-







Eagle PC with CB.

-3 Eagle SFLCS 100rd M249 Pouches

-Eagle SFLCS CHarge Pouch

-Eagle Shoulder Pads

-Pantac Canteen Pouch

-Pantac Radio Pouch

-HSGI Smoke Pouch

-HSGI Small Utility Pouch

-BAE Eclipse Admin Pouch

-Blackhawk Carabiner


Just missing my comms set up which is in the mail.





And yes, that is a functional R2-D2 in the background :lol:

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TT Plate Carrier

Condor Shingle

Paraclete small medical

FF M4 doubles

Paraclete 9mm double

BHI Radio

TT Utility



The photos suck because its a WIP. Its been years since I ran an armor carrier other than an IBA. Need a hydro carrier and/or a MAP. Might replace the admin with a darker one if I come across one.

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My new project since I've returned. I had the EPC w/C since well before I ever left, but now I've a pair of ESAPI front and back and a pair of the ESAPI sides. Just picked up a pair of side plate carriers (Condor) from AEX. Good quality, but the mounting system leaves a bit to be desired as they button in about where that last weave should go through on the MOLLE:











Now with flash:




Vest is (of course) nowhere near either of the colors you'd imagine as seen above. Also, I have no idea why, but the image of the side of the vest is right side up in Photobucket, but not displaying correctly here. Dunno why.

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