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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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I would not call Condor kit "high quality." Condor gear is somewhat decent at best.


Gear of 500D Cordura can be of good quality, it just depends how it is made. Mayflower and BAE Eclipse use 500D for lower weight, yet still durable, gear.


That is why I said "Fairly High Quality" ,at least to what I expected. Maybe I should have said good quality. The plate carrier is excellent quality, and for some reason you dont hear much about HSS gear.

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I've heard the Bravo headsets are decent, but I don't know a place to source them in the UK.



Cheers mate they do look better plus the higher price is oddly reasuring. Im trying to get off from buying chinese clones after all the dissapointment ive had with them so i shall look into it :).


right on the birthday list this year

Arena mozambik's £45

Warrior blast belt £30

Warrior foldable dump pouch £10

still got more cash but dunno what to get from my list

tm meu :s or do my helmet loadout have to wait and see i shall return!! with my loadout looking even more badass :D

Lastly 500 cordura :rolleyes: 1000 FTW even tho its rubs your skin to death when you have to adjust it lol

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Found a place in the US that ships to the UK :D for $80 or £58 so i might now be able to get some once i get a mich 2001 or similar. Its dawning on me now I MIGHT BE ABLE TO FINISH MY LOADOUT BY THE END OF THE YEAR :D:D thanks again for showing me the link.

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The family. L to R.


2x WAS Double M4

1x WAS Frag

1x WAS Small GP


BULLE Plate Carrier w/ Cummerbund ( EPC copy)

3x WAS M4

2x EBB Fastmags

2x WAS Frags

1x WAS Flashlight/Pistol


WAS RPC-7 ( Weesatch copy)

Sweet bugger all, everything else goes on my belt with this one :)

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They're CIRAS copies, they're no bigger than one of them :) Unfortunately, it's marginally too large for my skinny *albatross* frame, so I need to bung some extra holes into the cummerbund :)

The chest area is definitely wider, though, more MOLLE channels and such. I don't believe it's an exact copy anyway, there appear to be some differences.

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