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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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My AWS OCPC is above (but I got some new pics of it so I'll post them up anyways), that is now loaded up with my level IV plates and used more for real life/work stuff. I recently acquired a Flyye 609

A homebrew mod, I was trying to get proper tubes from a Scandinavian supplier but these started appearing on ebay. Nowadays you can buy FMA/TMC cummerbund with them fitted. I did a little write up

Posted Images

Thats really nice mate, care to share a few details, i really like that.


also a link to the foliage green lmf knife too please :)


its produced by a czech company called "ALP" which sells gear to czech soldiers. The name of the vest is "ALP chestrigg" it is provided with two additional straps so when you remove the back part you can convert into a chestrigg.

It was used by first czech soldiers deployed in afghanistan.

Pouches are -


2x pistol mag

personal / utility

2x canteen / universal

2x Vz.58 magazine pouch (each holds 2 mags, holds AK mags as well) uses a system called "spring-lock" (basically a metal hook on a bungee that secures it from opening)

everything in standart czech Vz95 camo

and as you mentioned gerber LMF, bought it on a knife forum


and a photo of the whole thing






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Crye Precision JPC:





In action:




Ops-Core Helmet



Norotos AKA2


Crye JPC

Paraclete Double 9mm (for VS17 and multitool - could go to admin)

Crye 300d GP Pouch (have some misc *suitcase* in there, could move to pockets as well)

VIP Strobe

Centerline CAT TQ

2x Paraclete bangers on back




Surefire Scout on S&S Precision Light Mount



Crye Multicam Combats

Petzl gloves

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got the torso from HMV for free, so i thought some snaps were in order. Not happy with the mags placement but its too late in the day to change. cheers


nice setup there, greensta. what's the radio. btw where you play at? I'm from Senec, been playing regularly for some years now.



pozdravujem Slovaka na Arnies :)



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Ahoj carver!

I'm sorry dude but I'm actually English but I have many slovakian and polish friends as I have worked in hotels for the last 4 1/2 years; the patch was from a slovakian friend!

So sorry i can't help with the radio info. (should you care anyways I use a 446 and the toysoldier mbitr too). :-)

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The one I had (that is now in binarypusher's possession) was a very nice PC, extremely light, well built and tons of molle real-estate (considering you can use both sides of the cummerbund). My only concern was the should straps were rather thin and didn't seem built to withstand heavy loads (real plates and much more than a few mags and a hydro system seemed like it might be too much) but I don't think that will be a concern with the loads the average airsofter would do.


In all honesty I would say it's a great buy, you won't regret it. However level peaks seems to have a long delay to purchase and Crye wants like another $50-95 USD depending on where the bank transfer is coming from as they do not accept foreign credit cards.


I've been doing a lot of proxy buying for friends of Crye and other tactical gear lately and am working out the logistics of starting a tactical gear drop shipping company for non-restricted gear to Canada, the EU, and Japan, if you are interested in getting one and don't want to go through LP or Crye toss me a PM.

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