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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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My latest purchase is an LBT 6094b in CB. I plan on taking this PC out for her maiden voyage this Sunday and see how she does but just from wearing this at a few team training sessions I have to say this is the most comfortable plate carriers I have ever owned.







-LBT 6094b

BFG triple m4 shingle

-Esstac KYWI x3

-LBT 9015 aka an ifak

-Kydex banger pouches

-Flyye Map pack (in the process of acquiring a LBT 9039 in CB to replace this)

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My AWS OCPC is above (but I got some new pics of it so I'll post them up anyways), that is now loaded up with my level IV plates and used more for real life/work stuff. I recently acquired a Flyye 609

A homebrew mod, I was trying to get proper tubes from a Scandinavian supplier but these started appearing on ebay. Nowadays you can buy FMA/TMC cummerbund with them fitted. I did a little write up

Posted Images

Plate size and cut. Depending on what generation the 6094, the A is designed to hold the small and medium plates, while the B is designed to hold large and extra large plates. From the PDF linked at the bottom of LBT's page:


LBT-6094A - Fits small and medium plates

LBT-6094B - Fits large plates

LBT-6094C - Fits extra large plates


However, I believe that's the old sizing.



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On a side note, I definitely need to pick up a JPC clone. That looks like a great choice for us smaller guys.

I've been thinking that too, It's just a shame they don't do OD/RG. I'll probably just go with MC and cover it in OD pouches.


Does anyone know if AK mags ('47 and beta project) will fit in the inbuilt mag pouches also would a full size hydro pouch fit on the back?

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The front flap of the plate carrier acts as a low profile magazine pouch. it is held closed by velcro and lies almost completely flat when not filled. In the picture I have a KWA high cap, a Magpul PTS M-Version Pmag, and a G&P mid cap in there. All fit well. I even managed to squeeze some AK-47 magazines in there, although they were crammed together pretty tight. The pouch is very open and the magazines are separated by elastic. I plan to do Frogfish's KYWI mod to those pouches, as the elastic and the velcro on the inside top are functional (I understand why they're there) but they kind of annoy me.



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Exactly. I can fit two AK or .308 mags in the outermost two pouches, but if you try to put three in they'll squish together. Also, the retention "hook" on the AK mags gets caught on the elastic straps inside the pouch. I would definitely not recommend this rig for an AK.


And yes, it's almost exactly like the real one, I got the chance to compare the two this weekend. Sorry, didn't have a camera.

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I like the look of the Clone JPC, been looking at these for a while, how tall are you if you dont mind me asking...trying to visualise how it would look on someone who isnt one of the 'smaller guys; as SteevoLS put it.


The real ones come in Multicam, Coyote and RG so I imagine the replicas may appear in the extra colour at somepoint, hopefully in other colours too.

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