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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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Ebairsoft/Shootercbgear JPC replica



Foam plates

Maxpedition Monkey pouch

5.11 radio pouch

Ebairsoft cordura 1.75l hydration pack (great, except the hose is really, really stiff)

Pantac zipup dump pouch

Condor kangaroo pouch

Ebairsoft BFG Tenspeed replica (good stitching, strong elastic; included 2 tan MALICE adapters to hold it on)


The JPC is great for the money, but there are obvious quality control issues with the stitching and cuts (like the fuzzies in the image below, below the mag pouch). I only paid $50 for it, so I'm VERY happy. If I paid nearly $100 I might expect a little more, but it's nothing that my tactical seamstress can't remedy with 10 minutes of work.


Closeup of said mag pouch:


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Ebairsoft BFG Tenspeed replica (good stitching, strong elastic; included 2 tan MALICE adapters to hold it on)

Weird.. :unsure:


Can't imagine why they'd decide to use big, chunky plastic clips to hold on the worlds' lowest profile pouch design, the real thing uses straps that are just 1 layer of cordura webbing... ah well, long as they're well made that's what counts. Nice rig mate, looks good, especially for the overall price.

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I'm just going to sew on some webbing myself to replicate the attachment system on the real pouch. That having been said, the MALICE clips don't really bulk it up more than a millimeter or two, and don't interfere with inserting mags. I have the boxy end of the clip at the bottom of the pouch, so it's not adding any bulk at the top.

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This is my 6094 in its current status.




Is the bungie and beaner your super high speed weapon retention system? Looks good, been thinking about doing that myself.


What's with the tape on the strobe?


Same reason you put tape on glowsticks, *suitcase* is bright at night. If you hit it with light, even at a distance, it's like a giant "I AM HERE, SHOOT ME" signal.

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Warrior RAPTOR PC in Coyote Tan








12x M4 magazines + 1x Speedloader XL + 2x handgun/speedloader magazines


1x WAS Double NSR pouch

1x WAS Medium general utility pouch

1x WAS Double 9mm pouch

1x 5.11 Double-stacked magazine pouch

1x 5.11 Double low-profile magazine pouch

STRIKE MOLLE platform + Blackhawk SERPA CQC Level-2 for Sig-Sauer SP2022 (the P226 fits decently enough)



1x WAS Small PMR radio pouch

1x 5.11 Single-stacked magazine pouch

1x 5.11 Medium-sized dump pouch


Desperately needs some fake SAPI plates for some shape. :P

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