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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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Finished SOHPC:




- Paraclete SOHPC.

- Tactical Tailor triple M4 mag shingle.

- Pantac triple M4 mag shingle.

- Pantac double M4 mag shingle.

- Pantac canteen pouch for bang kit.

- 2x Pantac 40mm pouches.

- Paraclete quad .45 pouch.

- OPS PRR pouch.

- Flyye admin pouch.

-Flyye one point sling.

- Pantac suppressor pouch.

- OPS mbitr pouch.

- Toysoldier PRC 152.

-OPS hydration pack.

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Getting ready for Fulda Gap 2011 with a few additions to the JPC.


Zipper EMT pouch and a 3l Thermobak. Having a custom laptop-style radio pouch being made this week. I need to sew up some MOLLE buckles to attach the Camelbak properly, but it works fine as it is.



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Thanks Corrigan.


As mentioned there would be a minor change to the loadout. Here is the current setup including 1st line:







I know that some now will ask if not the pistol is a bit to far to the rear to be reached and if the SOHPC don't makes the pistol mags inaccessible. Well the placement of the pistol is not just random as it happened to be the easy placement due to an open slot on the brokos belt. I need the pistol to be out of my work space until I need it. And no the pistol mags are easily available.




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That SOHPC makes me excite. If they weren't priced as high, I'd love to snag one...


Might as well add my new PC to the thread as well.





Its changed up a bit since I took the picture. Mainly the banger is on the far back of the left side, same with the frag. It seems I have to change my rig as soon as I take a picture because I want to try it a different way ;) The Banshee is stupid comfy, even fully loaded along with my Icom and mags on the inside of the cummerbund. IMHO you'll be hard pressed to find a better carrier for the same price as this.

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I run my mags oriented the same way, and I'm a righty as well.

It just feels less awkward than running them the "regular" way around and flipping them over the horizontal axis. I've only started working mags like this ever since I got magpuls/ranger plates though.

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The "Coyote Tan" colour is a couple of shades lighter than say, Pantac's Coyote Brown. WAS's current Tan is actually quite dark, but I much rather this colour. I'll try to get some natural light pics comparing both colours when I get the chance. In the meantime, here's a picture of me getting my kit ready with the RAPTOR in Coyote Tan outdoors. Should give you a good idea of what CT looks like.




Their website definitively needs work - I wouldn't have guessed they made it in CT had I not checked the "colour" option in the multicam vest section.

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My only real complaint with Warrior has come from the 2011 OD and tan having IR treated MOLLE (like the Elite Ops stuff). I understand/appreciate it makes sense from a tactical stand point, but it looks terrible in my opinion. Glad I managed to get their earlier stuff... which to keep this relevant, my revised RICAS Compact set-up should be posted this/next week.

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Crye JPC showed up today. Sorry for the bad pictures, they're the best I can do with a dorm room as the background.




What do you guys think of the size? When I used the clone version I wore a medium too, but this seems even smaller, even with the JPC designed as a low profile carrier. Should I write to Crye and switch it out for a large? Here's a picture of me wearing my old ACM one:



Does it look about the same size? It'd be nice to not have to get new plates.

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