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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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My AWS OCPC is above (but I got some new pics of it so I'll post them up anyways), that is now loaded up with my level IV plates and used more for real life/work stuff. I recently acquired a Flyye 609

A homebrew mod, I was trying to get proper tubes from a Scandinavian supplier but these started appearing on ebay. Nowadays you can buy FMA/TMC cummerbund with them fitted. I did a little write up

Posted Images

Was that Dave's old (well, new) one? It looks a lot bigger than the standard 6094...

Probably just looks like it because there's no plates in there?

6094B is larger than the 6094A. The new version also has more loops on front than the older type.


comparison pics are here http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/203637-lbt-6094a-vs-lbt-6094b-rs-pictorial-comparison/page__pid__2536237#entry2536237

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Thanks for the pics, they illustrate its' size and fit really well.


Looks like the kind of rig I might have to invest in. Perfect size for what I want to achieve. I'd be able to stick a frag pouch, my IFAK and a hydro pouch on the back and I'd be good to go. One of the guys at my site has a Pantac HPC in OD, which looks pretty much similar to this, but I'm not sure about the quality of their gear. Not that I'm knocking them, just never had a piece of their gear in my hands to look at.


Another reason I ditched the RICAS compact was because even when I pulled the cummerbund tight and put the flap down, it still felt 'baggy' on me. I'm not skinny, but I'm not henched either, and plate carriers seem like they're only designed for bodybuilders.


I don't like it when my gear flaps around. I like it all tied and tightened and strapped down, so much so that I removed the horizontal velcro back piece from my 901, and just crossed the shoulder straps over my head. That way it sits tight on my body, and when the back strap at the bottom is pulled tight, it ain't going anywhere. The DCS looks like the natural step up from the 901, especially for someone who wants a little bit more MOLLE action going on, but not so much that I need a whopping great RICAS.


Thanks for the help mate. Now if they only made the DCS in OD...

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Pics as promised. Please excuse the pics not long since got cleaned up after work.




Curiously I recognise you from Facebook? *Baffled smiley wanted*


Anyhow, this WAS DCS rig suits my tastes, I might have to replace my tired old PC's for one in CB.

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You mean like this? You can't see it that well in the pictures, but I assure you its installed correctly. The attachment tabs for the neck protector goes under the main shoulder straps, which is what I think you've confused the neck protector with.



Do you have a pic of this laid out flat?

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After owning a real Crye JPC and seeing the replica at a game I was not impressed. The replica just doesn't look well made. At all. The real JPC is also 500D cordura and the replica is 1000D cordura. Which is prolly the huge reason it looks so different.


If you dont mind that it really looks nothing like the real one, then go for it. But I can see why people go for the replica when the real one sells out in a day.


Agent_Hunk on here has owned both versions, and I'm sure he can agree with what I said.


Not trying to gear bash, just my opinion From experience of owning a real one and seeing the replica. If it works for you, go for it!

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I appreciate the view from someone who has owned the real deal. I might try the clone and see how I get on with and then upgrade to the Crye if I like it. I'm still unsure about the whole minimal plate system compared to full size PCs like RAVs and CIRASs.

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Yeah. But the MOLLE cumberbund helps. Being a chest rig guy, I never liked wearing huge plate carriers. (Also, I sweat pretty easily, so minimal PCs help lol) But this ones perfect. The cumberbund is weird, but I really like it. Makes it breathable and light, and allows more side real estate. I'm also about light and practical gear. And Its by far the lightest PC ive ever seen and very well made.


I dont intend to sell this thing ever, so that says how much I like it. Haha. (If I ever get into real rifle shooting, I'd use this) I know I shouldnt expect the replica to look 100% right, but figured it let you guys know my take on it. Replica should be close enough to get a feel for it of course.


I'm not saying the replica is horrible. I'm just saying its not much like the real one. And I was not impressed with how they replicated it. I'm sure it functions fine!


Hopefully get pics up of mine soon in the thread!

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Yeah, the MOLLE cummerbund is kind of the draw of it for me. I've got a chest rig right now that I like for it's low profile and practically but I do like the look full size PCs. I was thinking this might be a good middle ground.

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I quite like the JPC. Mine is a replica. I like the design but not had the chance to use it in game yet.


I'd love to own a real one, but they go for £200 plus if bought from the UK and there and 8 week wait direct from Crye. I got a good deal on mine from a good friend.


In the future I will buy a real one same as I'll buy a real ops core.


Theres plenty of alternatives to the JPC. The blue force gear LMAC is similare but has a proper cummerbund. Then there's the WAS DCS rig.


I'll try to take some pics of me wearing the jpc.

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5.11s new Plate Carrier is also coming out and has the same style of cumberbund the JPC has. (Though it still has the wire system, like a CIRAS).


The First Spear Strandhögg SAPI Cut Plate Carrier looks nice, but fairly expensive.(Chris Costa has been running it)


The Fight Light Plate Carrier by Tactical Tailor also looks very nice.(Very JPC like)


The new 5.11 PC in the works:



The Tactical Tailor fight light PC:




I'm liking that minimalist plate carriers are getting popular. Finally people are realizing lighter kit makes a huge difference. And us chest rig guys can finally get PCs without them being huge.

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