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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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Some of the front-namepatches have to be removed.





Crye JPC in coyote
PIG Hydration Carrier Gen 2
TT Fight Light Multi-Purpose Pouch
PIG BRIG Shoulder Pad
Esstac M4 KYWI Double Mag Pouch
TAS Rapid Access Medical Pouch
J'aimetac M4 shingle pouch (custom made)
J'aimetac roll-up dumppouch (custom made)
Velcro pad for game-specific pouches (custom made)
Toysoldier MBITR in custom made pouch
Z-tactical PTT modded with MBITR-plug.
Toysoldier foldable Antenna
CAT Tourniquet
Dummy Sapi-plates
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My AWS OCPC is above (but I got some new pics of it so I'll post them up anyways), that is now loaded up with my level IV plates and used more for real life/work stuff. I recently acquired a Flyye 609

A homebrew mod, I was trying to get proper tubes from a Scandinavian supplier but these started appearing on ebay. Nowadays you can buy FMA/TMC cummerbund with them fitted. I did a little write up

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I agree, it as if some people carry 12 mags, a backpack full of twinkies, a fake radio with nothing in it, and then shove glowsticks for a post game rave in every pals loop...but then again 12 airsoft mags is probably about the same weight as 2 or 3 STANAG mags.

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The weight isn't too bad.


And those shoulder straps are as strong as any other shoulder straps. Just add some padding and you're good to go.


And I play with a gbbr, so I know how much a mag weighs.


And that radio works. I don't add things to my vest without function

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These things are designed for the weight of ballistic plates plus a set of filled 5.56 magazines, probably a couple of radios, IFAK, grenades etc etc etc.  Look at the FirstSpear Amphibian, that's meant to accommodate plates, soft backers, floatation, multiple large radios and then all the multitude of other gear on top of that lot.  I somehow don't think most airsofters will be carrying that much weight in their rigs, or even close in most cases.  That's ignoring the fact that the person who posts the picture has more than likely actually spent the time setting the thing up so it does work for them perfectly well.

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True, but just because someone does something doesn't mean it's right. Hell, there are numerous pics of actual soldiers with gear set-ups that make no sense and who get slated by both their peers and airsofters.

The discussion isn't about whether or not the rig CAN take the weight; unless you're running real SAPI plates, PTW/GBBR mags, full IFAK, etc. it's unlikely you're going to come close to the weight that real 'operators' carry. It's more about an aspect of realism, which although subject to personal preference (after all, airsoft is a hobby that is done for fun, so by no means does someone 'need' to run a realistic kit, they can run whatever they like), is commonly regarded as the biggest appeal of airsoft. The HSLD PC's aren't designed to carry that sort of weight in the real, which is why you typically don't see actual soldiers loading them up to that degree. If you want your kit to be realistic, then you run it as they run it. If you don't then you don't, it doesn't really matter.

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Has the SEAL/DELTA impressionism actually taken over the hobby to such an extent that it's become an unwritten rule for everything everyone posts is now supposed be real-world-combat functional?  I'm not quite sure what the implication is to be honest.


Unless someone posts a picture with the explicit annotation "impression of XYZ" then there's no reason why they should be criticised for setting up their gear in the fashion that they wish to set it up in.  I really do not see how there's any sort of unofficial implication that content in this thread should conform to real world military trends or patterns.  If I want to 'unrealistically' put half a ton of pouches on my JPC for airsoft that's up to me and if I don't state that the rig is meant to be realistic in it's setup, then it should be assumed by everyone else that that's simply how I want it to be used for airsoft skirmishing.  IMO, the realism appeal of airsoft vs other projectile weapon based sports is the looks of the weapons, not the configuration of loadouts.  From what I've seen, once one logs off the forums and gets to the skirmish field, the NATO SF impressionist crowd is actually in the vast minority of players overall.

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Seal? Delta? Pfft. Jtf 2 baby :P


i think you both have a point but Chris I think think you're misunderstanding what blackjack is saying.


Yeah of course it's your loadout, your kit and you can hang three Barrett fifty cals off your rig If you want. Nothing wrong with that.


That said, although we operator impressionists are a minority in airsoft as a whole, I think in terms of people who know and appreciate gucci gear we're probably a lot higher in percentage.


On a skirmish field most of the people there won't care about operator loadouts but then again the vast majority of people won't know or care that you're wearing a four hundred pound plate carrier. And if they do they'll think you're insane. No, the people that will recognize your nice stuff most of the time will be others that know about that nice stuff, and they will comment on a vest being overloaded (hell I've made that mistake myself).


Of course end of the day it's up to you but when I like nice gear I prefer to run it in the manner it was designed to.

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Jimmupie, what is that buckle in the right for? securing gear?


BTW: glad to see someone who doesnt care about matching colours :)


The buckle/lanyard is a 215gear weapons catch, just for stowing the primary away for climbing etc... not the quickest to set up but its not for high speed transitions etc, works well so far.



And cheers guys, im really pleased with it, very comfy, was a pleasure to wear (fully loaded with sapi's etc) for a days gaming, got a few 24hr events coming up this year, so it'll get a proper outing soon enough :)

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The buckle/lanyard is a 215gear weapons catch, just for stowing the primary away for climbing etc... not the quickest to set up but its not for high speed transitions etc, works well so far.


Oh, interesting concept, but wouldnt be better to put it in the left side so the right one is free in case you need to draw your pistol quickly?

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Interferes with my impact grenades etc.. As I said , it's use (for me) isn't for high speed transitions, it's just to stow the weapon out of the way whilst performing tasks with both hands ,if I need to. If I'm climbing and need both hands to climb, the last thing I'd do is faff trying to get a pistol out tbh, I'd just take my hit ,rather than risk falling .

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