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DPM & MTP kit thread

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Here's another one for Parsley. Reference your PM, he's the one in the green dpm trousers.




and the dude in the background wearing full green dpm is "crazy Irv" Irvine. He is one of our snipers and is the most mellow person you will ever talk to. Confirmed kills way into the double figures.



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Darkchild, iv read somwhere you claim not to be special forces but all of your pics look so...special forces esque :P Could you tell me what unit you are in? im just curios you see lol, regual soldiers dont get to buy thier own kit do they, vest's mag pouches ect?


If you dont want to post the type of unit on the forum could you PM me? And if niether then i understand.



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As Angel Stated im in 4 Rifles. SOPs on purchasing kit varies from unit to unit, but we were Greenjackets so we pretty much do what we want :P Incidentally, the infantry role has become more special forces "esque" in recent years as UKSF have released a lot of their burden onto us in the form of Strike ops (direct action if your a Yank). So we undergo a lot of specialist training.


Im not special forces, i always try to make that very clear, but i have done a tour as SOF (a US term, we just say we're attached to SF) and have been trained in a number of techniques that would be classed SF.


But im not a member of UKSF, and probably never will be.

Thanks for the comments, im sure "ninja 9" would appreciate them!



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Everything I was using the day fell to pieces





Let me guess the vest is viper or webtex?? :rolleyes:



your a "moar gunz less kit" guy :P


On a side note i dont see the point of digi dpm cause its not realy digi is dpm pattern with digi edges unlike cadpat etcwhich is purly digi patterns and it looks weird to me but thats just me i guess.

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