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DPM & MTP kit thread

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*Snipped picks of gash BA cover*



Deliberately cut the image tags out but few things.


1) Is it me, or if the armour does indeed have a rear plate fitted, the outline resembles the plate from the Crye armour chasis? I would imagine new plates were developed for Osprey (the specs of which I understand are classified, but from reports, are bloody good), are new plates being designed for or adopted for PECOC?


2) Where has all the molle real estate gone? Seems you can mount very little to this carrier which seems a little backwards unless things are going in a designated plate carrier supplemented by blast belt style belt kit direction.


Seriously though, this does look like a step backwards from the design which had a large horizontal zippered plate pocket and rank tab on it it helps jog people's memories, that at least LOOKED like it was a progression from Osprey, Osprey Assault and the above pics just seem a bit regressive design wise...

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Nice pics doughguy, nice realistic look to them.


Boom, you're very much a man after my own heart kit wise I have to say, looks good. My few bits of personal opinion and input:

-Tighten up the bottom of the trousers

-Tuck in the UBACS

-Far as I can tell the top of your chest is empty, if you can get one (I know I sure can't and not for lack of trying) a warrior large admin would look good there


Weapon wise I really like the M16, simple but with a couple of modern touches. The only thing I'd change would be stuff that's going to make it more comfortable for you to use. If you want a vert grip or other bits on there, add a rail unit; if you would prefer the pull between shoulder and pistol grip to be shorter (having stubby arms I know I do) then swap out the stock, otherwise it looks good to me. I'd definitely recommend a good 3-pt sling though, that would probably make life easier.



Thanks for the advice looks like im not getting a scar any more lol, UBACS is normally tucked in until recently as it untucks realy easily, but with the blast belt its annoying to have it untucked so will be from no on tucked in. As for the top of my RICAS i was exactly the same thats why i bought it with a command panel command panel is just left of the stock if you look in the plate carrier thread you can see it there, great peice of kit and the show piece when showing it off to new cadets back at squadron lol. My trousers dont have twists in them and TBH i have never worn them done up just never liked it and it goes unoticed most of the time so i get away with it :P. My m16 on the other hand needs a fair amount of money to be rammed into it, i used to have an RIS but when trying to sell my m16 i swapped it for a "supposed" hurricane EOtech which was rubbish i ended up buying another EOtech this time a G&P one and its so much better lol, i have missed the ris eversince but shall see if i can get hold of a KAC m5 rather than a RAS as mine was very fiddley and tempermental to fit.

so need to fix

charging handle

pistolgrip screws

hop up


new stock and battery( crane stock)

dboys m5 ris


yay more money to burn to get this damn thing to work lol

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Think Darkchild is the only one who can answer that as the plate carrier colour scheme seems to be a generic 'trials' one if that makes sense (its only 4 colours, same seen in the BBC report a while back doing the whole past/present/future thing), the new camouflage pattern if I'm understanding correctly from postings on here and ARRSE, is going to be a 6 colour non digitial pattern with the clothing design (pocket placement, stitching etc) being similar to that of Crye's products.


Looking back at the helmet and looking at my MICH 2000 I can't help but think that the PECOC one has a number of potential issues particularly with the design of the harness. Helmet pads in this design = good. I have read reports of a flaw with the MICH system being that due to the customisable nature of where you can put the pads, it can affect how much protection the helmet offers as they are integral to energy dispersion/absorption on impact, seems here you have less choice of where they go and less pads to play with. It also looks a damn sight more comfortable than the 4 straps and a bit of rope that is in the Mk6, dunno whats in the Mk6A, I've heard its been replaced with a bit of mesh.


However what stands out to me is that little bit of leather thats going to sit on the nape of your neck/bad of head, I wonder how long it is before its reduced to a bit of limp elephant skin and causes more of a problem for the wearer than it should when the MICH has a good 4x1inch cushioned pad that covers a larger area?


Another thing is you'd have thought that a fastex buckle might be better than the press stud and ring set up buuuut with the MoD being the mod I can only imagine it turning into a Webtex buckle affair so perhaps the tried and tested method more robust.


Also...hmm, SAS, really?



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yeah, read my review of the helmet in the link at my Signature.


As for the Camouflage, lots of patterns were tested, including Hybrid 6, which is the current pattern that all PECOC trial gear is being made in. The finaly camouflage is a 6 colour DPM made by Crye, which doesnt exist just yet.


EDIT: Ha ha that ebay link is a load of ######. That trial shirt is from the CT1 trial from 2006, when the trial pattern was a slightly washed out DPM. I have 3 of those shirts that i use for ranges and field work. I also have 2 pairs of trousers, 1 smock and 1 UBACS in the same washed out pattern, they are nothing special.



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I'm a bit new to DPM but I just got a job lot of the temperate stuff and was wondering if there are different versions of DPM, or if there are just variations in color between batches. I seem to have at least 3 distinctly different colored patterns. One is more tan (perhaps it's Dutch DPM), one is more along the lines I what I think of as British DPM, and several others are darker still.


Any info for a noob?


- Zepher

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post pics and we might be able to help you identify the camo.


keep in mind that DPM is (believe it or not) one of the most successful camo types around and many parts of the world use different variations, colours, etc of it. for example, they list a lot of the nations that use it here:




so its possible you might have some from any of those countries listed. Throw up some pictures and hopefully you'll get some answers. :)

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There are sort of different versions, I'm sure someone will clarify exactly but going way back there used to be an issue of temperate and tropical DPMs, the latter being more vibrant. Moving through the 90s to now the exact hues of the dyes that go into DPM have changed at least 3 times as well as their being changes to the clothing system in general, for example the Soldier 90/94 heavy combat jacket being changed for a lighter weight rip stop one with slotted buttons in the Soldier 95 onwards stuff.


However, its generally known over here that all DPM once washed in anything more than lukewarm water and anything more aggressive than ph7 begins to fade :P


To be more serious, if for example all the stuff you have is S'95 onwards (I'm assuming its all grade 1/used) than the variations in tone are going to be more down to how the stuff was cared for/frequently washed it was.

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Not forgetting that there are also minute variations that make a big difference. Eg, old 95s fade a lot faster (and differently) to current 95s.

Windproofs turn a completely different shade when faded again, tropics look different to begin with and fade into a strange tone all of their own.


There are a lot of small variations in DPM tone, A lot of repro stuff is a lot darker than issued stuff too.

Not worth thinking about IMO, it all looks cooler when its old anyway.



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Yeah it's not as if it's a big deal, I was just interested is all. Personally I tend to prefer the more tan, slightly lighter shade. Weather it's Dutch DPM (which I hear is a little lighter) or just faded. Looking forward to wearing my DPM to skirmishes as well. One guy on my team uses DPM but other than that I don't think I've seen anyone in the area with it. Which is a shame because it really works quite well in Washington's woods.


- Zepher

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So I recently acquired a DPM waterproof rucksack, and I'm in the process of trying to figure out which particular rucksack it is. I searched Ebay and google, but didn't fine my ruck. The previous owner cut off some straps, but most are still there. I thought this would be the best place to ask as it's the DPM thread. You guys have any idea?






I thought this tag would be helpful, but it didn't help me in my search that much...




It reads...






C.W.L. 1995


NSN 8465-99-978-5361



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