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DPM & MTP kit thread

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My semi-THEM-Deniable loadout that I was rocking for the first half of MA5:














DPM bush hat, Pat '68 bottoms, dessie boots, norgie, thermals, CB fleece, CB bijans, a Kalashnikov and a chinese chest rig, P226 on the hip and a battlefield trophy DE in the chest rig.


Worked very well, I found. I vastly prefer the 68s to the CS95s.

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Yeah, just lift up the cummerbund to cover the Velcro on the belly. Then it should fit much better and it wont sag as much.


So that it sits like this:



See how the cummerbund covers the Velcro on the belly that it attaches to, when you wear your, it covers about half. If you pulled it up to cover the Velcro completely it should fit more securely and snugly, therefore a better, more comfortable fit to your body. Hope that helps ;)


Sweet kit, I really am tempted to get some DPM and a RAV, but I cant spend my money on that now. And that is one awesome L119(?), I'm loving the suppressor!

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Time for a pic from an earlier era!


1968 Pattern DPM smock with hood, worn with olive green Lightweight Trousers (aka "denims") as was common in milder weather, 1958 Pattern webbing CEFO (Combat Equipment, Fighting Order) including respirator haversack on the belt and entrenching tool attached to yoke. Headgear is RM Commandos for a Falklands themed event at Foxtrot 58:





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