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DPM & MTP kit thread

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Which sling is it and whys it so bad?


Its a G&P, I find the bungee to be very week and the plastic could also be reduced in size, as well as the metal clip that connects to the sling point on the weapon. I just really don't like it, I'd rather have a 2-Point but it is nice to have a 1-Point when in the field. I normally don't wear the sling around me in the field anyway.

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Try a rubber band?


If you go to a hardware store and buy an inner tube for a wheelbarrow tire, just cut that and it'll fit up to an Outsize helmet.


I had a rubber band on there, but I prefer the look of taping :).


Guess i'll bite the bullet and go for some from eBay.

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I quite like the colour scheme. Was it effective?

What do you mean "AKM(apparently)?

Personally I found the DPM worked better than the Flecktarn seeing as the terrain was more green grass/bushes than mud, however the idea was more to look like a rebel/terrorist for the exercise type than to camouflage myself. To be honest I'm no AK expert, could well have been a plain 47, someone called it an M so that's what I wrote.

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DDPM Trousers


2nd Line:-



EI Triple M4 Pouch (MJK)

EI Double 9mm Pouch (MJK)



TAG Dump Pouch (attached to the rear strap of my RRV)


Bits and Pieces:-


Olive Shemagh


Sage Green Aviator Gloves

Traser H3 Watch


Would usually have a Safariland 6004 but I forgot my pistol that day, carrying the mags as my team mate uses a P226 too.


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Thought I'd post here as it's predominately DPM.


My lad and myself yesterday. It was his first outing with his new AGM M16A2.




For anyone interested mine rig consists of Tropical DPM shirt and trousers with a norgie underneath. Bulle boonie hat, ESS goggles, Pointman MOLLE vest and pouches, Cheapo knee pads from Wilkinsons, JG HK416 ACM ACOG and 9 Star midcaps.


My sons rig consists of issue jacket and trouser, S95 I think, DPM net scarf, Viper vest, cheap ACM helmet and Jimbo sourced mesh goggles.


Ok so it's not 100% authentic but does the job.

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Osprey has...


3x Double Magazine pouches

1x Grenade Pouch

1x Medical pouch(can't see in picture as behind my other arm)

1x Camelbak Hydration thingy


Its all pretty simple because i'm a left handed shooter and reloading and bullpup left handed is awkward so i try to keep as much stuff out of the way as possible.


I also have a drop leg dump pouch on my belt which i have never seen used by the soldiers but I like it :D

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So your a cak hander like me then. most of my airsoft kits set up to used my gear left handed but my TA gears rigged for right handed use. I will have to try and take some clear pics of my osprey at the moment. set to just how i like it. I also have the leg rig but havnt used it as of yet.



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Did you make your signature out of that exact picture? Good thinking batman....


On a related note, pretty good deal I grabbed off ebay the other day; however, can the actual bladder be removed? I'm guessing not from what I've tried so far, however having the zip in the side seems a bit of a waste otherwise so wondering if there's a trick to it.



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It can be, you just need to remove the cap (unscrew and slip the ring off) and then you can pull it through and out. It's alot easier with the British ones and the side-zipper then the yank ones without it.

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you need to unscrew the cap and then pop off the ring that attatches it to the plastic neck bit attatched to the bladder. dont be afraid its tough just pull it off. then push the plastic neck of the bladder though the dpm material. then pull'er out!


Webtex MLCE Chestrig With DPM Camelbak

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Best bet I'd say is get on to ebay, always shed loads of kit on there from UK folks. You want issue stuff really as there's barely any independent companies around that actually make decent trousers/shirts. What kind of bits are you after and are you bothered about it being brand spanking new?

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