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DPM & MTP kit thread

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Hey guys, this is the start of my British kit, what do you think?

Good kit for start.


As few differences from the real British soldier:


  1. Laces (starps) on a helmet and pants sloppy - fix true UK tape, laces on his pants to hide.
  2. remove drop pouch - this is not use in reality, better use of pants pockets
  3. have not seen one of the real photo with the holster
    only sepra CQC
  4. SUSAT?

left to work well on little things and nuances get a great kit.

Good luck




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Yeah, looks decent. Personally, I don't think there's too much of a need to worry about tiny things if you're trying to look like you're in Afghan, lads don't care about 'in barracks' stuff nearly as much when they're getting shot at, surprisingly. You're not going to see a bloke in a documentary suddenly stop firing in the middle of an engagement because the ties at the bottom of his trousers have fallen out while he's diving away from an RPG blast.


Possibly get a bit of green fabric tape on the chin strap adjustments, look around for the issue Camelbak to clip on to the Osprey, and possibly try and get those creases out of the trousers (that might just be something that irks me personally, but you're definitely not going to have creases in there once you've been in theatre a while).

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I personally just cut the top off and NBC boot. Though i noticed webtex cashed in on producing rubber helmet bands but ive not seen any one use them as of yet most of the lads in my battery either sniper tape the rim or do as i have with the NBC boot piece.


Im sure thats more like multicam in a 95 cut more than a replica of MTP. but good grief indeed.



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In process of building an afghan 2010/2011 impression.


Using MTP UBACS, trousers and mk6 as a base. Then DDPM osprey/pouches and some dessie boots. Helmet is getting a scrim and band as well. Need to get my hands on either an SA80 or HK53 too :)


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