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Looking rad as always Pkekyo-Nor! Good to see you back!


That 416 must weigh an absolute tonne though...


EDIT: Just seen your reply in another thread, so I won't ask the same question! So a different one: Are you still serving/training? Good on you if you are, I've got to wait until next year before I can join because of the damn recruitment windows!

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Thanks. Like you've allready seen, the weight is slightly more than a real HK416 fully loaded, but far more front-heavy.

Ironically, I am now also selling this new HK416...

Furthermore, I am, and intend to stay on for a few years if I get the position I'm gunning for.

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First foray in to the wonderful world that is Norwegian camo !

Inspired by a pic I saw of a royal guardsman in Oslo just after the Bravik bombings ;


Kit list ;

OD baseball


Khaki Platecarrier with three combatkit M4 pouches , radio carrier and a large utility pouch all in Norwegian camo pattern

TM 416 with a comp M4

No Norwegian patches though , I'm in the "if you don't earn , you don't wear" camp on unit ID .

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I can't help but feel that Crye should have made them with either tan velcro/stretch (a'la MC) or green velcro/stretch (a'la M81/M84). I'm not quite sure why they chose to go with ranger green?

Well, Crye really didn't have much of a say in the matter.

Furthermore, Ranger Green works extremely well in Norwegian terrain, and to be honest...it looks better as well.

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Currently, they're running around in Coyote Brown MAR CIRASes with Ranger Green DBT pouches and cock-knockers.
OPS-Core FAST Ballistic helmets with ITL Mini n/SEAs mounts and VIP-IR strobes. Mainly black helmets, but every now and then you'll see a tan one.
Load carrying belts are few and far between, whilst they commonly run just a Safariland SL-6004 for their USPs on a rigger's/web belt. Occasionally also an IFAK.
For comms, MBITRs with older style Peltor PTT and Comtac 1 or 2s with any variation of microphone (including throat microphones).
For weapon accessories, they tend to rock Aimpoint Comp2s on ARMS mounts, ARMS BUIS, AN/PEQ-2A and Laser Devices OR-6 light.

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It would actually be better if you had a 16" C8 SFW (for now), but if you'd like a HK416 instead, hands down go for the TM one. Umarex ain't got *suitcase* on it.
And yes, 20" HK417s are used in marksman roles.

Most dominantly, they use Ranger Green pouches from DBT/Battlelab, with some pouches from NFM in coyote/woodland/desert camouflage mixed in.

And yes, Norwegian gear is *fruitcage*-off 'spensive, even the yank import stuff.

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it all sounds soo expensive!


the camo is sorted  :rolleyes:


HK416 unsure on getting a TM or a Umarex would the FSK use 417's? i do like my 7.62 rifles


CIRAS + pouches (mix and match colors? Khaki,RG, Coyote?)


the headgear and comms comes later on 


this could take a while to acquire


Next time I'm at DV you can have a go with my TM 416 dressed in Norwegian styliy if ya fancy , gota say I love it !
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