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being from norway i would assume it would be alot easier to get hold of than me being from the UK, i am sure there are some helping hands on the arnies forum that would point you in the right direction, i don't wish to name names for fear of being cut off from norwegian goodness :rolleyes:

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Cato-Ringstad sizes are as follows:


38/40 N XX-Small

42/44 N X-Small

46/48 N Small

50/52 N Medium

54/56 N Large

58/60 N X-Large


Physical measurements are written on the label inside the garments.

The M98 uniforms are utter garbage - if you're going to buy anything, make it M2000 or something aftermarket from NFM.


Throw me a PM if you're interested in a combat shirt in Norwegian desert camouflage.

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Well, here we are, a year later just about and I have finally committed to doing a TMBN impression. Here's what I was looking at doing, comments welcome (although hopefully not on the stuff that's already on the way!)

- N-kamo Crye set
- Heidrun chest rig (OD makes more sense to me, but the only pictures I've seen of it in use are actually coyote brown)
- TM 417 w/ S&B scope
- NFM 417 pouches
- Ops Core FAST w/ alternate n-kamo boonie
- PRC 148
- ... the rest TBD

And a specific question, if pkekyo is still around... who makes that ghillie cloak posted on this page?

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It's outright poorly designed, there are hundreds of commercially available chestrigs that are far superior to it.

If you want a better option, but maintain the iconic Norwegian look, your best bets are either an M07BA (real ones are hard to find, Dr.Mervin replicas slightly less hard) or an NFM Bear II MOLLE vest, here's a photo of the one I used to be issued:


It's much more comfortable, distributes weight far better, and is far more utilized than the piece of *suitcase* Heidrun rig, by a significant margin.

If you can't get either of those, even an Eagle RRV or CIRAS would be a better option, as they both have a trackrecord of being privately purchased by individual soldiers.

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