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Change your pants - CA gets LWRC License


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This is interesting..



Either there is more to the story than him just picking it up by the stock or that is one big factory defect.

That looks like an error in the casting. Probably a bubble got in there while pour the molten metal. Yikes. I would take that back to the retailer, have them fix it and hopefully have them ship that back to CA for analysis. Talking to the guys at AEX, they have said that they have yet to get one back so far... and they've been selling like hot cakes over there!


Regarding the quality of the CA LWRCi's I've seen, I've been getting a lot of questions from various members regarding how I felt it compared to the VFC SR15's you all know I have a certain affinity for.


This is basically my thoughts on it:


The CA LWRC's I checked out were aesthetically almost identical to the real deal. The finish is the same and the engravings are the same too ~ make sure you buy it from a US distributor like AEX as they're the only ones that have the correct markings. The all-laser-engraved markings were initially made and distributed world wide and to LWRCi. But the ones with the correct engravings were a special order for Spartan Imports and I believe AEX & AirsoftGI got the majority of them. A few of the correctly trademarked guns probably trickled out to a few US retailers, but I would check with them before buying it. Oddly, AEX's website STILL shows the old version with the all laser engraved markings, even though all the ones they have in stock have the correct machine and laser engraved markings. The markings are flawless. Absolutely perfect.


The quality is very comparable to the VFC. The finish is different between the two, but that's mostly because the VFC is trying to match KAC's finish and CA is trying to match LWRCi's finish. Ironically, the real LWRCi finish is very similar to CA's armalite finish even before the two got together! I remember the first time I held a LWRCi M6A3 I jokingly asked the owner ... "What ... did you get a CA gun? :P" That said, the finish is nice ... and accurate. Did I mention how perfect the markings were?


The CA LWRCi selector is the nicest selector I've ever used. It clicks into place almost as nicely as a real selector and certainly more realistically than any AEG selector I've ever felt.


The CA LWRCi is solid. Talking with the owner of AEX he did note that some had a minor wobble between upper and lower receiver and some were rock solid. Real steel wise, we both noted that the real guns we've encountered sometimes also had wobble and sometimes were rock solid. Hard to say. But every CA LWRCi M6A2 I've encountered all were rock solid to me.


The internals are decent. Probably better than VFC's. Allegedly lipo ready. I should probably get one to test. It seems like its internals are en par or better than the other "lipo ready" guns like KWA's offerings.


The CA LWRCi's hopup is similar to the ICS hopUp ... it's a collar rather than a dial, stays in place correctly and doesn't suffer from compression issues with push back problems against the gear box.


The fake bolt carrier plate is much beefier than any other manufacturer's I've encountered. When you release the bolt, the metal clink is much more solid sounding. The EBB effect is decent too. Not as powerful as the new TM SOPMOD, but decent and a nice effect. Comparatively the VFC fake bolt carrier plate is very thin and doesn't always return to it's forward position without a little manual assist (use a thumb to slide it forwards).


The new CA body is gorgeous. CA did an entirely new mold for the receiver and it's very accurate.


The BUIS are also nicely done. I wish the BUIS had LWRCi markings though.


The stock is styled after the VLTOR EMOD ... it's got a very smart QD push button at the back that allows you quick access to the battery without having to take the stock off. I wish CA didn't have "Classic Army" markings on the stock, but that's my only grip with it. The wiring inside the buffer tube is decent and coiled tightly so that regardless of stock position the wires are kept in check and aren't likely to get snipped unlike some crane stock style battery assemblies.


All in all, I'd say that CA have really out done themselves this time.

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You can use normal nicd/NiMh nunchuck style batteries with it. You need to check the diameter of the crane stock's side tubes though as regular "crane stock" batteries may not fit. Pretty sure the batteries made for the King Arms Vltor style MOD stocks are okay though.


I think lipo ready simply implies the internals can better handle high ROF from an 11.1v lipo than most regular AEGs.

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Cheers chief :)


I have a crane stock with batt I can always slam onto the stock tube if needs be :)

Cool. Something to keep in mind though ... the CA M6A2's buffer tube doesn't have side cut outs like KA and G&P did with their crane stock / MOD stock buffer tubes. The CA buffer tube is fully enclosed with the end cap removed for the wire to go through.


Not that you can't modify the CA buffer tube or switch it out with a KA or G&P buffer tube ... just something I thought you should know. ;)

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PSD now listed as available:




More info here.


Think I prefer the length of the M6A2's front end, but everything else about the PSD I prefer.


Edit: Interestingly, they have a Magpul MIAD on their PSD but omitted it from the M6A2 which they went with the Tango Down style pistol grip.

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