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AEG Sniper Thread


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I've just received a well loved A&K SR25 in a trade and have been reading up all I can on mag compatibility


As far as I can find G&G/ CA Magwells are narrower than G&P / A&K.


So A&K mags would need filing to fit in a G&P, G&G will fit in A&K but be a little loose.


Pmag 20LR's (rarer than rocking horse manure! )

Need filing for G&G magwells.


Does anybody know of a source for pmag 20lr mags???


Search online for "the sr25 guide" same post is on a couple of forums with useful info!


Hope that helps.




Bought mine here: 


They work great on the A&K sr25

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Long time without posts in the thread, apologies if it is considered a necropost.


Im after a counter strike loadout, just for the old good times, and I would like to use a DMR with it. So, im thinking about using a JG G3 SG1 or a JG Sig550. 


I know both are plastic bodied but nothing more, so Im after your advices to know if one of those is the better DMR platform. Im personally leaning towards the SG1 since I like it more aesthetically and midcaps seem easier to get a hold of.


Since it is a budget project, I will only rhop a new barrel and bucking, install a full cilinder if it doesnt come stock with one and a spring for 440FPS 


Thanks for the help

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Can't say I've ever even held a G3, but from what I remember on this very forum is that the G3 is notoriously creaky. As in you could twist the barrel /frontsight while holding the pistolgrip.

I know it's on here somewhere, better check the old HK thread ;).


In any case, I'm sure you'll find what you need :). Let the research begin! :D


Seems like the CA is rigid! Must have been the Tokio Marui I read about.

Here is a review!



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I own 3 full length G3's, two TM and one JG. And yes they do creek a little bit. But lack of rigidity only becomes an issue when they are well abused and after some time. I've only had that problem say some 6 years in of use with my first TM (but then again, I did use it as a machete in a 4 days milsim game, once...).
Metal is, of course, a better option, but the plastic from TM is sturdy enough to get you going. The JG one I have is surprisingly very sturdy, but I haven't had the chance to abuse it yet, so I can't tell how it will hold on on the long run.
CA G3's are good enough, if you go for the metal body, as they sell full length G3A4 and G3SG1. G&G, if I recall correctly, only makes short models, like MC51's and sorts.

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QUOTE (eddy909 @ Feb 17 2009, 07:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I was considering getting an AUG for a DMR platform but after reading this I'm sort of worried that it's 509mm long inner barrel will be an issue. Kind of feel like a dummy asking this but could I run a shorter length inner barrel (probably M4 length or so) in the AUGs long outer barrel with no issues? Or am I just blowing this up way to much and it's really not an issue?I also happen to run an AUG with 509mm tightbore and i'm very happy with the results. Its very accurate for an AEG and easily consistent enough to be a DMR. I think the "500mm" is just a convenient number to pull out the bag and anything around the 500mm mark will yield good results in my limited experience.

I'm new, so please forgive me if this has already been answered. 509mm is the maximum length you use with a solid or full cylinder.


If you guys aren't aware of it, cylinders have holes in them at different spots. The shorter the barrel, the closer the hole should be to the cylinder head.


At 343mm, the hole should be towards the back. 440mm or so +, you want to run a cylinder with no hole.


The reason for this is you need to match the amount of air in the cylinder with the amount of air in the barrel. Too much or too little air and you will get performance issues.


Longer barrels also don't mean more performance. With a 355mm 6.02 barrel and an m120 spring, stock nub and madull blue bucking, I was shooting 450fps with .20s, 370 with .32s and shooting 230 feet or 70 meters effective range.


I'm not a fan of anything stronger than an m120. Above that, there's too much maintenance, cost etc and risk of injury. I put a huge knot on a guys head at 150 feet and felt awful about it.


You'll get more performance from the right bb weight, barrel and bucking than anything.

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