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Swear filter loophole?

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I've upgraded it for the better of all gundamkind.


You may notice the regional (UK/US) variations of common swear words have their own special variations too. :)





ooh lots of fun.

There does only seem to be one *Ubar* tho

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*fruitcage* *fruitcage*tarded *fruitcage*, someone should take a *suitcasey* elephant's cock and beat it round his bloody ears until his brain falls out of his *albartroth* the stupid Ubaring *wheelbarrow*.


EDIT: Suitcasey, nice touch, lol. Hmmm Ubar with an ing on the end still gets through, lol. Although maybe it's an expression limited to me and my more vitriolic rants, lol


hmm further tests..


Scunthorpe... will it come out Subarthorpe, I wonder?

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