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i understand your point of view of getting the most of a 2l engine, i drove an imprezia once on a wet track and it was awesome... I still hope to own an EVO or a imprezia but now i am driving a 6l V8 Vauxhall (in fact it is an Holden from australia, re-badge in UK, i love england!) with no turbo which develop around 410HP, and it is a blast. You get torque at any rpm, and it pull just enough to stick you to the seat without the pressure on the chest describe above. Note, do not try fast wet corner unless you know how to drive side way!


I have the basic exhaust which mean that it is silent up to 3000rpm, a nice cat sound, but then from 3 to 7 000 rpm, it is a lion.


My wife is driving it every day to work and out of the aston martin she is not turning her head to any other car anymore... and sometime she comes back with a big smile on her face: she smoked a BMW or a Mercedes on the M11 :clown:

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hmm, apparently the mustang GT only comes with a 4.6, not a 4.8, but anyway, my point still stands

i'm not so much comparing small turbo jap engines to american lumps, i think the BMW 4.0L is more apt. the fact that zee churmans have made a smaller, normally aspirated engine put out almost as much power as a 600cc larger engine with a supercharger. not only that but from the brief bit of googling i did the beemer appears to produce 100NM more torque at more or less the same RPM (3900 ish). that torque figure is admittedly from the normally aspirated engine, but still, BMW have made a smaller engine produce more torque at lower RPM as well as about 150 more horsepower.


i understand that these big V8s are very much torque focused and not very big on revs, but BMW's engine is smaller and revs like hell while still producing more low down power and tonnes more top end.

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BMW engines no doubt have some interesting ficures but more or less suffer from reliability issues, hence only few "oh wow!" -grade engines have made it into production, while 'yanks' keep the revs lower, reducing power and getting quite impressive milage off their engines.

Back in the old days some lemans cars had mind bendingly big engines, thus massive power from low rev-range and in-race-standards decent fuel-economy.


Ive put much miles to BMW e39 M5 featuring as many have said one of the best V8's ever made. Massive power where ever the rev-gauge needle sits, but at the top, it feels af if it has twice the horses it says in the papers. Anyone whos driven one at its limit at a track will agree.


Sadly, big performance allways comes at a cost. Many say the M5 is a good choise for both trackdays and school-runs, sadly i disagree. The one i put lots of miles in, was devasted by track-use, manual gearbox somewhat allowed that. The shear wear on the engine when put to the limits was something one would not expect in a car of that price-range. As it was, it was new back then, the hottest saloon a long time.


Most ppl think of Ferrari as the greatest of all makers, especially engines. I'd say Enzo would turn on his grave if he knew what comes out of his factory... The 430 and its pumped up version the scuderia suffer from VERY short service-intervals and huge repair-costs. While most owners dont care or ever put their cars to the limit, those who do have not been very happy. I know an owner whos car ive driven at a proper race track had the entire engine changed from "wearing out" and as far as i remember, the car has done mere 50k km or so.

Considoring what huge performance-gap there is between the 430 and the new 458Italia, i'd like to know how the engine will last...


True performance comes from lasting under the power the engine produces. Anyone can pump up an engine to insanely good ficures. Our company car was "re-programmed", a C200 CDI merc. We tried how high we can go with just software-mods and sadly had to give up fearing the gearbox cant take it. The engine was running twice the power and at a very nice rev-range, yet it would have eaten itself inside-out in no more then a day or so.


I like how AMG the Mercedes super-car maker tests out their engines. If i remember correctly, they put one on full revs while attached to weight simulating the stress of a car full of passangers and leave it like that for 3 weeks. After the time it would be similar wear what 300k km would do to a car in harsh conditions. At some point where AMG and BMW M-series were duking it out AMG challenged BMW to do a similar test with their engines... Theirs was never published while AMG's was ;)

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Some people commute on their bikes and center wear becomes unavoidable--especially on sticky tires. I must have heard this *rickroll* comment once for every new set of Michelins bought, except for the awesome six months I spent living and working on opposite ends of the Ortega Highway.

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I realise that, my Metzelers are also wearing hard on the center. But he's putting the emphasis on wheelies and breaking speed limits. It's just my opinion that taking some good corners is way more fun. Imagine the MotoGP being riden on Nascar tracks :)

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And with bikes it's moto GP. We don't need nasbike :P


To bring this slightly back on topic I just bought a Spoon N1 exhaust and some Evo 8 enkei alloy wheels powder coated midnight blue for my car. I should be getting both tomorrow. :D

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Bladerider, are those chicken strips on your rear tyre? Going fast is not the only thing you can do on a motorcycle, you know. They take corners as well.


No mate its muck and ###### off the road, i live in the countryside and my road gets pretty bad with tractors coming out of the fields. To be honest going fast on a straight road gets very boring pretty quickly as i'm sure you know yourself. Fun does not come in a straight line. NO SIR!!I've about 3mm left on the outsides of my rear i cant seem to get rid of, must go find a few nice corners that i can see around to get the rest. Don't fancy rear ending a john deere it would ruin your day in a hurry How you find the 3 cylinder machine, she is a 3 potter right? Must have nice torque low down under 6000rpm. Thats why i like the sp1 huge torque from just over tickover and sounds like an animal :)

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Stepdads Jag isn't brilliant in that respect. 4.2L Supercharged V8 and produces 'only' 410bHp.


Is he driving a Jaguar S-type? I have thought about buying one, could you PM me some of your experiences with it? :) Or anyone else that knows a thing or two about the S-type for that matter.

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