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I pay $4000 a year for insurance just for the Jeep. I dont know about the rest of the US, but around by me it can be ridiculous. Insurance companies usually wince in pain seein someone with a vehicle like this try and get insured...it all boils down to driver record, and vehicle worth and condition.


The Jeep in its purest, untouched, stock form cost me $10,000 five years ago when i was a junior in high school. I've since been through 6 lifts as i mentioned, 4 sets of tires, 3 sets of wheels, 2 axles, and a transmission. Once you also factor the Borla headers, Borla cat-back exhaust, free flow catalytic converter, custom sound system, dual Optima batteries w/ in-cab isolator, 6 way adjustable shocks w/ in cab controls, performance chip, air intake, lower gearing to compensate for the tires, custom driveshafts front and rear, heavier duty axleshafts, 6" Skyjacker leaf springs, Spring over axle lift, Longer shackles, dual steering stabalizer, Skyjacker Track bar and sway bar disconnects, 2 different tops, Tube doors, rocker panel armor, Smittybilt SRC front and rear tube bumpers(not on there yet, but purchased and in the garage), Trail rack, 8 auxilliary lights, custom grenade shift knob...blah blah blah...besides all the favors i had to call in and return....i figured out that all the aftermarket stuff cost me about $25,000

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yes yes there are two great cars on this page


Stop spamming. The WRX Impreza is nice, but it doesn't warrant you assfacing this thread.


Wood: How much suspension travel does your Wrangler have? My Econoline is in the negatives after having a nice offroader, so seeing that brings back memories. :P

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I believe the Subaru Impreza WRX STi is the sedan with the rear wing. The picture you qouted is of the Impreza WRX. Two different, yet very nice, vehicles.


AH i gota ya, yea thats the saloon version.


The guys number plate is W* WRX2 .... * = a number, i don't wanna tell everyone his plate...

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OK - Out of the closet time...


I've got a ..... SKODA!




Mine's red, had it since 2001 and it's still great - For a four door saloon with a great big boot, it's brilliant - Was a bit disappointed to find the autobahns crowded and mostly restricted to 120km/h on the way to Germany or I'd have seen an indicated 150mph with 4 up and all our luggage, managed 145mph on the few quiet/unrestricted parts and it felt rock solid and still returned 35mpg average!


If your needs are a bit more practical than a Subaru can provide, give it a look, if you can see past the old Skoda prejudice.



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haha you have a sky blue car you loooser.  ;)


well you see uh, uhm i............nevermind


Whoa!!! how much did she cost? :P


priceless ;)


that guy with the chick in the car is not telling the truth

I just saw that pic on a car website


noooooo.............haha i know it was suposed to be a joke

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