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Pictures of your rides

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i wish my sister didnt drop her camara 2 stories high :(

i have a 06 YZ250 yamaha with FMF SST pipe and FMF Titanium exaust


and my mom's 04 esclade and my sister's 05 rav-4


heres a factory photo of my dirt bike

http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/products.../1/0/image.aspx :)

(imagne the black pipe behind the front wheel is chromed) :D

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Kinda old both the scooter and the camo, but still an eye-catcher somehow.

It's not mine, so please don't ask me about how I got the paintjob done etc.


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The Gopher, I used to have an E30 but I sold it. Lovely car to drive, but too old. You guys really get some funny looking bumbers in your E30s and E28s!


Let me guess: 325i.


As far as the bumpers are concerned, well, they're American style bumpers...remember when cars actually had bumpers?


Eh, I was glad I had 'em when I went too fast into a turn (don't do that kids). :wide-eyed:


Still would like a fine condition E30 325is...or better, maybe a M30 3.5L swap...kinda like droppin' a 350 in a Nova :P

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How are those Volvos, Titleist? We have been thinking about getting one to replace our Element as an everday car, but it's hard to find someone around here who actually has one who can give us a solid review.




Here's another pic of the GT for those who've PMed me. For the astute ones, those who know me jokingly call it a GT500 because of my affinity for M500s (the revolvers, naturally). Of course, I'd still trade one of mine for that Midnight SAA of yours, Titleist... ;)




And an upper shot showing both the GT and our Element (great car for heavy mile days). Excuse the home renovation bits..



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