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Pictures of your rides

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My motors:

1995 rover 214 SLI (SEI black half leather interior) 1.4 16v mpi engine goes well for a 1.4 (surprised a few rudeboys in corsa's, saxo's etc. :D )






1959 (tax free!! :D ) land rover series 11, been rebuilding it over the last few years it has a 2.5 defender petrol engine, rover p6 diffs, nice sacffy bar bumper for moving lesser machines off the road :P , servo assisted brakes with lwb drums on front (bigger than std swb ones) and it is also lpg converted (37p/liter fuel :D ). Should be ready for mot in the next couple of weeks once i get the electrics and rear hub oil seals sorted (hence rear wheels off in the pic).






p.s the av pic is my dad's range rover with me driving at the billing lre show, that will hopefully soon be mine.

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Really? I dont feel the side skirts at all, the front lip is my favorite part lol.


Should of went with a full Wings West kit, but it was out of production and was super expensive.





Wings west, damn wild child side of me back in the day wanted to go a tad more aggresive, now im a bit more conservative on looks.  :unsure:


Nice car dude... made me remember my dad telling me how, after Marine basic was over, all the enlisted guys went out and bought sports cars with their money but had to sell them not too long after because they couldn't afford them... that is if they had survived that long.


As soon as my dad gets his Mercedes C230, I'll put pictures up here (ya'll get to see my amazing 2001 Ford FOCUS OH NOEZ!1!!!11)

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Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike - sturdy and rugged...although something is up with the brakes and gear shifter after I clipped a fire hydrant...but its good for getting from class to class when your dorm is on the other side of campus...only problem is trying to weave through swarms of people and playing frogger with the cars.


I do have my car with me on campus, 1994 850 Turbo Volvo, built like a tank...pics coming ASAP...

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currently working on an 01 Prelude. No pics as I dont have the body to the car....


going to be Black body with black powder coat rims and a 20 black tin, thats all for the externals. Internals will feature twin turbo, upgraded exhaust and header, forged gears and disks, and Ill work on the suspension some how. Plan on owning this baby for years to come. NO fart can...hate ricers...


My Accord sucks right now though, just got an upgraded header and exhaust and got a Vtech DOHC for it.


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blarney how you gonna say you hate ricers when you have a HONDA (japanese made...japanese eat rice) and you're going to "twin turbo" the h22. So hows that not RICE??? Oh and obviously your going to change the headers and exhaust and headers if your adding a turbo. And TT? Do they even make a TT for the H22?

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Ricing bro, is raping the OUTside of a car, like with the Fast and Furiou movies...those things were Ricers...Im not raping the outside, Im upgrading the inside. And commenting on my cars? Take a look at this then:



mmmmhmmm, mmmkay. :P


hold up, crappy size...



yeah, thats right...yeah... ;)

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