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Pictures of your rides

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Well, I don't have a picture of mine, specifically, but here is a base photo I Googled. Same color as mine and everything. Prepare yourself!








1999 Dodge Caravan. Mini vans FTW :D But it gets better! Mine has a luggage rack! Oh yeah! :D Hey, it has a V6, awesome pick up, and a 12 CD changer! It also has plenty of space to haul airsoft gear around.


And it's free :P




If I'm not driving that, I'm driving one of these:






2003 Ford Taurus. Mine's sand colored though. It's NOT that old lady gold, as I call it. It's TAN! It is!


The car doesn't work quite as well, pick up and turn radius wise, but it does drive nicely, and I like it a little more than the van because of the size. Only a single disk though :( No tape player :P


It just kills me that tape players are optional equipment now. I'm only 16 and I remember bringing tape sets to listen to on trips. I also remember when DVD's started to come out too. I'm starting to feel old :( You aren't supposed to do that until you're 30!



Oh, and the car is free too :P If no one else is driving it that day though.




EDIT: Two little errors. It's late, cut me some slack :P

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Not quite. I'm not that cheap. I calculated it up and a rattlecan job would actually have been more expensive than my method. Well I should say the method I discovered on club4ag:


Call it what you will


but it


turns out pretty good

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"Raj_uk, you lucky ######, an EVO! Doesn't beat the Impreza WRX, but still a VERY nice car!"


Uhhh, Yea it did.


To Keep it legit.


Brand New Paint Job After being ran off the road by one of those people that change lanes into your lane and not look thinking its all good.



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Well, I was going to mention to him it was a FQ model, so that's unlikely, but I wasn't sure what FQ it was as I couldn't read the badge. Looks like a FQ330?


actually my Evo is a modded 8 MR FQ-300 with dyno graph showing 375 bhp


fitted an uprated fuel pump since then, so hopefully another ECUTEK remap and an AVCR boost controller will give me just over 400 bhp


will be harder to get 400 lb/ft torque, so I guess I'll be happy with 375 lb/ft


not bad for a 2 litre ;)


detailed spec here :



more pics here :






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My work in progress 1966 Volkwagen Beetle. Me and my brother are completely restoring it. It's getting close to being finished.


This is it's current state, not a bad paint job for being done in your back yard :D



In the body work stage before paint a few months back,




It still needs the back window, also carpet and door panels for the interior.

And we need to put the engine back in.

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lol I'm not going to rise to that blatant Scooby trolling




mad props for your EVO RAJ. . .


but according to the 2006 Wales Rally GB:


positions 3, 6, 13, 14, 15, 22,24 owned by Subaru


positions 17,18,20, 26,29, 32 Mitsu. . yaaaawn.. .


and just recently:


Wild West Rally & Rally America National Championships WON by Travis Pastrana and Christian Edstrom from Subaru's Rally Team USA.


whooo hoooo. .go SCOOBY!!!!

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well since my Evo doesn't rally, then try looking at some real world benchmarks


heck even the Top Gear leaderboard shows the difference between an Evo 8 MR and a Scooby WR1


or we can meet at Santa Pod one weekend ....


... I need an excuse to buy a new clutch



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Didn't notice this thread until now... sadly not my car (only get to drive it once in awhile, I personally have a Ford Focus), but my dad's...





BMW 325i with the Premium Upgrade Package, Winter Upgrade Package, Sport Upgrade Package, and upgraded Harmon-Kardon sound system. Dynamic Stability Control, extra wide tires, Xenon headlights, StepTronic... its sex on wheels.

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Didn't notice this thread until now... sadly not my car (only get to drive it once in awhile, I personally have a Ford Focus), but my dad's...



Personally, I'd like to see the Focus instead :P (as long as it's the "van" looking one, not the car style)

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