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Pictures of your rides

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Yay, car thread! I don't think I've posted mine on here before, fortunately I've got tons 'o pics!


Here's my '02 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 5spd. Got a few things done:

-K-SPORT Kontrol Pro coilover system.

-STi rear Strut Tower Bar.

-Steel Braided brake lines.

-Hawk HPS brake pads.

-A'PEXi N1 ExTi Titanium catback exhaust.

-Kartboy short shifter.

-A'PEXi mechanical boost gauge (PSI).

-A'PEXi i-Moni display unit.

-Blitz FATT DC-II turbo timer.

-Rota Tarmac wheels, 17x7 Bronze.

-Bridgestone Fuzion tires, 245/45/17.


Lakeside, on an early summer morning, in the Southern California mountains.



In front of my house. License plate is on there for laughs.



The dash at night. That boost gauge is very cool looking. You can see the i-Moni in the background, set to battery voltage for the photo, but it's normally set to MPH for the street, and RPM for the track.





And here's my 1987 Toyota MR2 N/A. It's sadly out of action with a spun rod bearing at the moment.


-JDM AE92 "Red Top" high-compression 16 valve 4A-GE motor.

-Vintage HKS Sport Exhaust.

-HKS "mushroom" air filter, on a custom-bodged short-ram intake.

-Konig Helium wheels, 15x7, satin black.

-Falken Ziex tires, 205/50/16. (Wheels and tires from my sponsor, JLB Motorsports, in Corona, California.)

-Alpine CD/MP3 head unit.

-Pioneer front speakers.


Meeting up with its sisters, before a 4A-series engine time trial. Mine is farthest from the camera.



And on the track, making a pass on the inside of Willow Springs International Raceway's turn 1! (I'm #528)



And, finally, here's me, after the event, looking like a dork next to the car.


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To anyone who has ever bashed a Porsche:

If you actually, physically, bashed it, you deserve to die.

Otherwise, drive before bash.  You will never bash again.



I personally am not all that impressed by the current crop of Porsches. They're extremely capable, very fast, and, IMO, beautiful, cars. However, they lack some of the "emotion" that other cars have, when being driven. I'd rather have a mint-condition '80s 911 Turbo, than one of the brand new ones, as they had so much more spirit.


I've either driven, or gone for rides in, just about any car available in the US under $100,000, on various tracks and mountain passes, so if anyone's got questions on a certain model, I can probably provide input.


If anyone's wondering, by the way, my personal pick, out of every car I've driven, which is available new, is the Honda S2000. It's a real, pure, sports car. It's got real spirit and "driving emotion", and just feels really great out on the track, with very direct steering and excellent handling.

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My new car! (before this I had a 1989 Peugeot 205, I hope you at least appreciate the step up :D )



I really love the Cyclone alloys on 306's, really set the car off I think.


Gonna be looking for an upgrade myself in the summer I think, from another lowly 1litre Peugeot :)

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Shin Kudo, scale your pictures down next time dude. Nice cage though if you like that sort of thing. Me mate's got a tuned up one, fast as F*#ck for a cage.


Sorry 'bout that, I'm on a 1440x900 widescreen, so stuff fits fine, and I forget that it doesn't exactly fit on a 1024x768. My pics look tiny to me on here...

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Nice car, harboiledcop.


I hope to get a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Twinport for my first car...at least I did until I saw this:






I think I may actually be in love.



A Landy should be every airsofters weat car dream!


With a old Toyota landcruser coming in second.

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was on a classic car rally on bank holiday monday, and at various points in the day was riding around in one of the following cars :


'99 plate old shape mini cooper s, totally spotless.


original '60\s MK2 Mini, totally mint.



Porsche Carrera, can be seen just about in pics below

'70's V8 MGB Roadster, just seen in pic of the mini above

and this yellow beast below




and me in it




totally mega day. that BMW Isetti bubble car is unreal. totally sparse, 12 BHP, have to lean into the corners so it doesnt topple over, and for those who dont know, to get in the whole front end hinges at the drivers side :D

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Hahaha that yellow car fits the european car stereotype perfectly. Thats what I think of people driving around in when i think of Europe. :-)


Man all those mountain bikes are awesome. I need to buy a new one badly.


Rob, how much of a difference do disc brakes actually make? I've never used them o talked to anybody who has. Also, are those clip in pedals? No way I'd want to use clip in's on a freestyle or downhill course.

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Man all those mountain bikes are awesome. I need to buy a new one badly.


Rob, how much of a difference do disc brakes actually make? I've never used them o talked to anybody who has. Also, are those clip in pedals? No way I'd want to use clip in's on a freestyle or downhill course.

Disc brakes, of the hydro kind make a huge difference over other brake types. The shimano deore brakes i'm running on both of those bikes are so smooth, so consistant its silly, they're pretty powerfull too for me, but i'm only light ;)


I'm not running SPD pedals atm, i've got azonic X magnesium CNC and azonic X-DH alu CNC pedals on those




I did use SPDs before though, and they were very good, never really used them on decents though, always felt a little scetchy :P


And now for some more blingage pics :D


Mmmm, non-production model marzocchi MX Pro SL forks :P




Mmm pimpage




And a whole lot of MTB bling!



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Even if it's only 1 pad moving with hydraulic disc brakes, stopping distance is greatly decreased than with V brakes. I'm slowly closing the braking distance between me and my front gate, however I feel I may soon over reach myself and it will all end in a mess. :)

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I had this baby up to 150 on a Mississippi highway once upon a time.

Good thing the Sheriff is my first cousin.


As soon as I get this puppy painted again, tinted and upholster the interior with

MARPAT type fabric, I'll be done with the cosmetics.

I have a buddy that's making me a vinyl tint with a digital image of the flag

planting at Iwo Jima for the rear window.


It needs a few suspension items such as new struts, strut tower brace, 1.5" drop

spindles, and a rear disk brake conversion (possibly a new rear end entirely).

Oh, some new rims and rubber would be nice also.


I'll never get rid of this car. Chevy stopped production of Camaros entirely so this

thing should appreciate in value over time.


1989 305 H.O. TBI Camaro RS



(The "Hypocrisy" sticker is a death metal band's name, not a political statement, LOL)


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Until 2009 when the new Camaro comes out


Edit: But I did forget to mention. Nice f***in ride man!

That shows how behind I am keeping up with my car stuff. "Darn you airsoft!!" - heh.


Ive seen some protos for the 2006 that never were released, some of which were absolutely amazing, and of course some were abominations. Can't wait to see a 2009 proto. Think I'll Google that now as a mattor of fact.


Thanks for the props on my car.

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