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Pictures of your rides

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I'm not a huge fan of modern muscle cars but that is pretty damn cool Pinkfloyd. Must of cost a few airsoft / beer tokens :P


SW, just click the ignore user button dude, I know I now have once I read the utter tripe spewed over the last few pages. Makes the thread much nicer to read too !

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I've already posted a picture of this almost emediately after i got mine but here she is all nice and clean :) Its nothing special just the full 2006 Pony Package. The only part that I dont like is that its an automatic and its got a quiet exhaust on it. Other then that she runs really nice :) at 18500 miles and still running as strong as the day we bought her!








I've got a list about a mile long of stuff I want to do to her when the lease comes up but its getting hard to decide between playing with the car or buying more airsoft... lease ends in two years, airsoft is sadly winning :( I'm fairly easy to please and I bet there is going to be alot of "Ewww V6 on a 'stang thats just wrong" It suffices 2 of my 3 requirements for a good car, Looks Nice, Drives Nice (at least for me) but it doesnt get the last... Sounds nice. If your ear is RIGHT NEXT to the tips its sounds decent. It sounds awesome from the inside but it needs a bit more sound out the back :)

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*Old Mustang > New Mustang


I agree, i'm currently saving up to purchase a 68 or 69 fastback because I love the fast backs however any older mustang is nice. This puts a nice taper on the amount of craving for the older :P In my oppinion its the best body style since the older styles

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I would finally post pictures of my Focus. BUT as long as I don't do something stupid (a ka spend a *beep* load of money very quickly, always a possibility) it should have a supercharger, lowering springs, and new 17" tires and rims on it. :D Supercharger kit replaces everything from the exhaust to ECU tuning. Can't wait to get some pictures up.

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