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Pictures of your rides

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Some people are envious of the States because we have the 'Right to bear arms' :)


.......but we ain't gots Skylines! <_<


I trade for that anyday! :(


We may lose the ability to defend ourselves.....but we could probably outrun 'em!!











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cool explorer. Does it have any kind of modifications to make it more tactical?


Nope, lol. I should do something however.



Jesus BS_MARS i hate that place. i remember it so well. Spent a week out there


That building on top the hill we had to take a 400yd shot from there when i was there down into the town you are in.



I assume you qualified with 100% on that right? :P


We did a raid on that building too. As I'm sure you know it's really a complicated structure and didn't help that 90% of the windows were boarded up and we shot out most of the lights by accident.

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^Very nice. Just picked this up today... we are E36 brothers:


95 325is










^ I didn't even know it had Racing Dynamics wheels on it until I got to the guy's house to check out the car. Bonus!


And yeah, the stock calipers will be repainted black soon.

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I'm ashamed to post my bike after that beautiful looking buell but her she is in all her 125 glory :




Wow, thats a 125, didn't build em like that in my day. On a more serious note mate make sure you have the best lock you can afford on it. Preferably chain it to something. Kids would love it as a field bike, the thieving little toerags!


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2004, actually. Somehow got it from a podunk police department around me with 64K miles, so I figured it'd been rolled or something, but my mechanic said it was in really good shape. No idea why they let it go, but I suppose their loss is my gain. Saving for a solid black paint job right now for the undercover squad look.


It's so irritating, though, when everyone around you is driving exactly the speed limit...

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