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Pictures of your rides

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Sometimes living in West Texas has its perks, like open roads with no other vehicles for miles...



Side note, yes I was obviously speeding, I don't want to turn this into one of those arguments. In this case the only person I would have hurt was myself and I will only do that kind of stuff, when I'm the only one who could get hurt.

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KO4, inlet manifold, fuel rail, fuel pressure valve, possible fuel pump, down pipe, exhaust manifold and a few other bits.


Not as cheap and easy as I thought but you can get closer to 300bhp with a really good map.


The AUQ 180 bhp engine can do 230 easily with just a map and a filter and very nearly 250 if you are prepared to have a really peaky map and shorten the life of your turbo with too much boost pressure...


I'm rolling in a 2001 Leon Cupra 1.8T. 180HP at the min, but KO4 turbo and inlet should take the power up to 250 at minimum when mapped


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I got it a couple of weeks ago, it's my first silvia and i'm completly in love. :D


It's got coil-overs (Tanabe front, GP sport rear)

unknown extractors into 2.5 inch exaust

A silly pod filter set up that sucks hot air from said extractors

And tires made out of recycled shoes from thailand :P











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Well.....I broke my car :(


Chap started to pull away from a junction as the road was entirely clear, I went to follow him and he stopped dead for no reason, I ended up rather buried in the back of his Corsa :(


Of course from an insurance stand point it's my fault as I hit the back of him but oh well.









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Some of my cars...


This is my 99 suzuki vitara, got abit of a lift and road wheels on atm, Ive got mud tyres for playing in the mud with in the garage. Its got a not too bad spec as it is however ive got some goodies still to fit. A vw 1.6td to get rid of the crappy gas motor, rear disc conversion to go on still and an arb rear air locker to name but a few.







it is a off roader and gets used as much as pos



My mk1 Golf cabs on coilovers.. (for sale btw ;) )




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