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So there has been some not so sneaky attempts to spam threads in this forum for various reasons.


I am going to make this perfectly clear:




now, we are not forum nazi's and we will not be bringing ze ban hammer! on every single little post along the lines of "hey, what kind of camera did you use for that shot?" we understand that this is a forum and dialoge will happen, but please try to keep it very minimal. because otherwise "picture threads" end up turning into discussion threads and will go full pages without a single picture post. the exeption is the Motivational Posters threads; if you dont have a poster to add, leave it alone.


for a good example of what not to do, please check out vowlesy's contribution to this forum: 15 posts in 14 different threads, necroposting and spamming such gems as: "nice ball man!" "Damn sexy guitars guys!" "Lovely dogs guys!" and of course "Me want, badly, very badly" vowlesy has earned himself a two week suspension for his efforts and any who follow in his footsteps shall have the same.

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