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:: Swedish M90 Picture Thread ::

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Haven't posted here in a long time!




Stridsväst2000 (vest)

Magasinficka x2 (magazine pouch)

Flerbruksficka Liten (small utility)

Flerbruksficka Stor x2 (large utility)

Vätskesystem 2000 (Camelback)

Mora 2000 (knife)

Magasindumpficka 2000 (magdump)

Kroppsskydd 90/A (body armour)

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Do you mean the rifle (G&G GF85 / G&G FNC Green) itself or do you mean the actual color of the body and plastic parts? I have no idea how close the G&G colors are to the real one as no one close to me has bought one yet but the rifle is very different. The G&G is just a FNC painted green with AK5 handguards, AK5 is very different but the G&G looks close enough. :)


You should do this modification though since it's so easy and really makes a difference, http://www.airsoftsverige.com/V6/viewtopic.php?f=124&t=91457 Pictures should be pretty self-explanatory but I might be able to translate it if people need. Credit for the guide goes to Tazman, not me. :P

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