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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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After we spotted the package near a small village in A-stan, we sent a special operations team to recover it.

The recording digital device was seriously damaged but we managed to recover some shots to prove the package was recovered.


Enjoy and see you next time!
















Yes, those are pics from our last photo shoot and they are post processed with background from A-stan.. :)

Hope you like it!


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Loving those pics, Stress. Someone has some mad editing skills.


Here are a few of me from September...












A tragic (and overly dramatic) death...



In a bit more AOR...



And a crummy pic from last game while waiting for the action to resume...


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From my local site(nearly an hour and a half away) last Saturday. Last minute decision to go so I decided to bring the storage box with all my gear in it so as id forget nothing. Park the car at the site and go change to find my DPM pants is still hanging up in the press since the last game. Played in the only decent pair of jeans I have to my name, didn't destroy them too much! Was also virtually invisible according to one person who had just made out my exposed wrists when a string of bb's were sent in their direction



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Given a lot aren't secured by anything other than being tightened up, and maybe some locktite if its been put on, they can work themselves loose quite easily, even more so if you swap configs from suppressor to flash hider regularly and maybe forget to re-locktite the buggers.

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Our team's video is finally up. I make a few appearances (look for the guy with the A-TACS M4 and Italia patch on the shoulder.



Then go "Like" us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/GATPMC

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That reminds me, need to get down to Crail at some point with my pistols, when the weather is good :P




In Scotland, near the North sea...........define good? :P


Actually the pics have just reminded me I need more CO2 caplets for my nades. They did rather well for Thunder B's (only one malfunction due to the shell blowing at the thread, lucky I had FOUR with me :P ), and the variable timing of the differing nades surprised the hell out of Melv :D

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