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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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'twas fun. Burned my arms though. Way too hot for a jacket and yet to get an MC combat shirt. (I hate the look of all but the propper ones because the middle part in the propper shirt is also in camo)

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You're supposed to tie the two ends after wrapping it around your neck or over your head to keep it tidy.



From last Sunday, picked up my six guns after realizing it's been almost six months since I last used them. Was a fun day. Got two kills while dual wielding but technically I hit three (last one didn't call it).

3 seconds to empty a gun 



3 minutes to reload



Upstairs clearing



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They had cowboy gimps at the '72 Olympics?


Yes .They were all there for the newly establishied cowboy gimping event which still goes on to this day ,but it now goes on in secret since the great peacemaker incident of 74.

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