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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Mucking about pre-game:


Then it started to rain and I took over the blank-firing AK duties for game control.
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A couple from the last days I played out here in Utah


Late January. When everybody else is using their desert MARPAT, i say HUMBUG! Flecktarn for life!




Early February. My first snow game ever. I knew I bought that snow camo years ago for a reason!



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At Op. sinarra, an Airsoft event/simmulation with Airsoft teams and operators from Police Special  Operations and Medical rescue nurses/doctors and firefighters. All injuries are fake and it's make up.




















The Covert Ops Squad from the Hostile Ops Team after the game:



And me in a Kit Kat moment:



More photos at: http://www.hostileoperationsteam.org/galeria/thumbnails.php?album=299



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I thick you are going to have to explain that first one there, Spice!


How did you enjoy being SL?


I didn't know he was behind me! That was someone else's sector!  ;)


Actual story: the event wound down this year with a shaky truce and agreement to return to the border. This culminated in massive binocular wars and, on Saturday, US and German troops crossed into East Germany to perform inspections, while Soviets did the same to the airfield in West Germany. My unit was tasked with monitoring the Soviets as they did this. Notice their weapons are unloaded. However, it was still incredibly tense (especially since they had us outnumbered 2:1 and were acting quite shady). In the end, peace held and no shots were fired.  A very different and welcome milsilm experience!


As for squad leader, I liked it. My main concern was that I don't operate very well on little sleep, and while that was certainly an issue, it turns out my body adapted. Three hours a day for the first few days didn't bother me like I expected, and after that we had some timely rest rotations (including an 8-hour stretch!) that got me back in shape. My squad was a majorly mixed bag but overall I think we did all right. Certainly there are improvements to be made, as always.

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the one photo of me that made it though the edit from Infiltration Airsoft's OP: Valravn and I have my eyes closed.... FML. 



NP man, everyone needs to make a quick tactical nap once in a while. 

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Did a bit of marshalling yesterday, I managed to sneak into one pic without me realising:




Yes, that's me in the panda hat, and it saved me from getting shot a couple of times...

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Operation Valavrn at Longmoor. Cracking day by Infiltration Airsoft/Ambush Adventures.


Excellent photography by Wyvern Airsoft Reports.




On my phone, my spelling will suck.

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