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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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And a group shot right before the start of a game. I'm the one at the bottom failing to down a banana fritter. When the game started I just took cover behind some garbage oblivious of the surrounding violence and finished the snack.


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A few from today


Very much enjoying the Kryptek Highlander it fits in well with the post winter colours, Mandrake is comming for the summer months when things are more green.

Tactical flab, must get out more.


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Me as a Syrian Arab Army guy.


Photo courtesy of Jared Stone






This was actually for a film, hence no Eyepro. 

Syrian Army Pants and Assault vest (very hard to find in the USA)

1980's Iraqi ERDL jacket (in the three years of watching live leak I have seen a pattern used by the republican guard that kinda resembles it)

Zamberlan Boots (plausible)

PAGST helmet

Apple Airsoft RPG-7 with Chinese Scope

Cyma AKM with rommy grip.

Pit pup for awesomeness.

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Yeah, most of the guys that were there are from one of the more legit Russian FSB teams. I'm just a beginner, and the SRS is only on mine because my other gun went down first thing in the morning. I kinda dig how ridiculous it is, though. And still surprisingly not that front heavy.

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