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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at COE [Comando de Operações Especiais - Special Operations Commando] with airsoft players.
















Thanks a lot from the S04 friends for the game.

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AK needs a hello kitty sticker to be complete :)



Looking at your Sig pic and at that photo.......  makes sense :)  


I have a question though,  other players get the right hump when they get capped at range by a pistol,  do players you bag also have to leave and avoid forums for a week to avoid ridicule from team mates and so called friends.


Keep up the outstanding maverick work old chap 

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My Gorka was in the laundry.


No it wasn't, was it :P.


Damn it I need to attend a game, mostly so I have pictures of myself poncing about in my new indoor idea (once I find an indoor site that isn't covered in paintballs, don't want to ruin it with that stuff).



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Went to a 48hr Vietnam themed game in my SASR kit.


I've got on 
ERDL uniform
palladium boots
skrim net neckerchief
camoflage bandage as a bandana
M56 harness modded for roll pin belt and 40mm grenade pouches
M56 universal ammo pouches converted to drop loop pouches
m56 canteen pouches
P58 kidney pouch lopped in half and converted to drop loop
cut down KA M79 as a sidearm
Ino M60 "razorback" as primary
CA M16a1 as backup
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