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Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Screenshot from Airsoft Alfonse's latest vid of me holding my nonfeeding RPK two weekends ago.  Rebuilt the gearbox this weekend so hopefully I won't fail the Empire next time.

Screenshot_2020-01-12 Airsoft Stormtrooper Gameplay + Funny Moments - YouTube.png

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Me trying to not die to the weather, 90+ degree Fahrenheit at one point and the Sun so intense for most of the day.  Best photo so far grabbed of me for the day, hosing away at I believe a speedsoft player through that tiny window with my accursed RPK.

TC Paintball June 1.jpg

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Hello! I'm new to this forum, so this becomes my first post.

Most airsoft videos that get published today  is montages of short clips to music with a focus on providing a cool feeling. This can be nice in itself, it's almost like trailers for various events, but I have always felt something missing in those videos. Therefore I started a new youtube channel earlier this year to try my hand at video making and test publishing videos with more focus on context and providing a sense of continuity and overview of the engagements and the tactical situations. The format is a little longer, but hopefully also a little more interesting. Enjoy!

(Also, make sure to switch on the subtitles if you don't understand swedish. I provide all the important stuff in the english voice-over though.)


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