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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Seriously. That helmet is using you for protection. :o;)

How does MARPAT compare to regular Woodland and DPM in the UK?


Yeah, I have a MICH2000 I sprayed tan, just need to get some OD on it and I'll swap over to that.


MARPAT does well in the UK most of the year, untill it gets to mid-summer where it starts to become a bit too green.







Is that a LBE kit under the CIRAS?


Nope, it's a padded H-harness for a blast belt that I run as a first line with my dump pouch and pistol pouches.

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Pretty decent loadout,

the only thing I dislike though is the hydration pouch and the basecap... get a hydration pouch in OD or multicam and a cap without such a bright patch on it or with no patch at all.

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Thanks you all guys!


We are from portugal indeed, I got this effect aplying to the original Raw files some corrections in lightroom, and a bit of further treatment in Photoshop.


I'm glad you liked our photos, and even our logo! A lot more to come i promise :)







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