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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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The stan any good heroshark? Also, you been down to brit tac yet?


yeah its a good site. Saturday had a few glitches compaired to my last couple of visits ,but it was all taken on board .There very good at taking up problems ,and resolving them .Hope to get to brit-tac in the near future.


Hero, that last picture is friggin badass.


In that first piuc, is that the opfor right around the corner? How did that end out?


Cheers. Not great, iirc I think we took one or two with us though :)

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Why does it ALWAYS look freaking cold in Sweden?



SWAT, Hurtlocker PtII:




God I look so handsome and rugged with a little stubble and blood running down my face. I think I just turned myself on...

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Foxtrot 58's 3 (Para) Platoon watches from the high ground as the enemy, in the shape of 1(RM)and 2(RIR) Platoons, shake out into extended line and then pepper-pot forward to close the range; Sunday 26 April:











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Lima you got some nice looking playing fields, very open and great variety, makes me jelous, nice photos too.


Thanks mate and yes we are lucky at Foxtrot 58 to have a CQB "village" with a Security Forces base and a field full of bunkers overlooking a river (well, stream) crossing as well as the open areas. To be honest it was a bit of a jolt at first, coming from the close country of the large wooded estate we used to play in. Great thing about the open areas is that there's greater elbow room for more realistic fire & manoeuvre type tactics, as in the pics. Not much chance of sneaking up on anyone out there! But being able to see the enemy deploy, and then come at you inexorably in good order, certainly gets the adrenaline flowing, a bit like "Zulu" but in DPM!

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Took my Tibetarn out for a game on Sunday, worked quite well:










Seems the photographer only managed to get pictures of my *albartroth*. :D

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Finally got the time to skirmish after a busy spring. Two days, two cities, two games. These are from the latter one, we enjoyed a jolly blizzard in the first one. :)







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