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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Operation: Morning After 6, Arnies Airsofts forum regulars invite only game at Gunman Tuddenham in Suffolk.



And some more pics from MA6!



I was rocking some flecktarn I bought off Apex on the day, I reckon it went well with my UMP and Sig. :D


dammit you guys played at tudders and i didnt get to come along! still i got a few pistol only nights in so its all good. the site does look good, how did you guys find it and did you get the whole site to play on or just stick round the villages and tranches?


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first half of the day i used the aimpoint but after dinner left it off :( wish i had kept it on now , on a side note mate fps was a woodland happy 350 lol i was more than happy with it and i have not even thorght about stripping the paint off :P

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