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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Super small skirmish on my friends land yesterday...was supposed to play today but I have church





Very informal gear....didn't feel like wearing my real stuff given the size (~6 people). Games were short and sweat, i hate dragged out games....first game was me and a friend vs all, friend got taken out then I killed about 2 other guys and I finally got the last guy with a total luck shot of me firing my M4 upside down because I had one BB left in my high cap (literally, I feel accomplished). After we did a photoshoot type thing...

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Last week, goggles aren't reflective, they're that fogged up!


I am SOOO diggin´ your stashes man! no TIER1 BS beard. I mean real Hercule Poirot mustashes ;)





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Here are a couple of pictures of me from December of last year that I just recently re-discovered






The second photo is of me covering a farmhouse, which most of the year is under water


I think the high for the day was about 28 degrees F, but was a great game none the less

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Halloween-ish game. Someone wont the fancy dress competition with his SBS loadout - including a scuba tank and wetsuit. Which he did skirmish in. Luckily it was bloody freezing out, so we were all nice and toasty. :D





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