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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Halloween-ish game. Someone wont the fancy dress competition with his SBS loadout - including a scuba tank and wetsuit. Which he did skirmish in. Luckily it was bloody freezing out, so we were all nice and toasty. :D





A simple, effective, and terrifying loadout. I love it.

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Here are a couple of pictures of me from December of last year that I just recently re-discovered






The second photo is of me covering a farmhouse, which most of the year is under water


I think the high for the day was about 28 degrees F, but was a great game none the less


Nice kit and gun, can you give a kit-list, please?


And, are you using common prescription glasses or a prescription adapter on the google?


See ya! []'s

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Kit list is very simplistic, just basic Alice web gear and US Tri-Color BDU's, with an EBBanned tactical fleece and light jacket layered for cold. Belleville boots and a couple pair of wool socks round out the list


The gun is the A&K M-60E4, Its a love hate relationship at the moment. Cant seem to get it to shoot faster than 400, despite my best efforts. Too many slightly off spec parts = pain in the butt to upgrade well


The glasses are just my normal prescription glasses, I tested a number of goggles to see which would fit over them and the Flakjacks fit perfectly. I really should get contacts, but the glasses have worked well. I have only lost one pair of glasses, they were a spare set that had broken temples I used to tuck into the goggles nose bridge, but this set up has been working for three years now.

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me at the tunnels yesterday. My aeg was hot ,and my shotty wasn't feeding .I had a cracking day just on the pistol and bfg though, I could have almost just run with the bfg with the ammout of kills I had with it :)

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During Training day on The Watchtowerhttp://i899.photobucket.com/albums/ac193/epzilonblue/76391_167724986580410_100000287290463_480611_865604_n.jpg


Waiting for Sam Fisher? :)


This year's Halloween's game theme was Predators2010. I somewhat managed to combine 3 characters in one...



EDIT: added this one I found in my pendrive...


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Pictures from today - cold cold cold, but a great day nontheless! Tried out my new sealskinz socks, waterproof and certainly worth the £25 they cost - I'd recommend them to everyone as vital pieces of kit. I was running a Flecktarn top over a Tibetarn bottom. Seemed to work quite well. Also finally got my Aimpoint T1 RDS which royal mail had lost and conveniently forgotten about, until I put the boot up them. -.-"









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