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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Molle-belt and 2 single mag pouches only :)


Cool playground there mate.

Care to tell more?





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Sure :)


It used to be a small-midsize factory/warehouse , consisting of 3 large halls and a small office space, connected with eachother by a couple of corridors. If it wasnt for the game-organiser the building would actually be quite boring to play in, as there originally werent alot places to take cover. They solved that problem by creating rooms and walls of (an immense amount) of stacked pallets, and decorated the place with desks, cabinets and other furniture.

The site has a working camera system (still) installed; an alarmsystem that can be heard throughout the building, to announce matchstart/end and a well decorated safezone :)


The site's located in belgium btw.


Some more pics ;)







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Great looking site there mate.


How much is the gaming fee?


It is a shame that not all players can enjoy these kind of sites. For instance here in Finland we have only outdoor sites atm. Few places are to be found, but they are not maintained and are cold during winter time. No use there.

All the larger city areas have empty warehouses and soon to be demolished buildings here, but the finnish city personnel will not release these buildings to airsofters. I do not know why.

Registered airsofters do not have enough funds from players to rent a decent place. And top of all that finnish players tend to be very skimpy with their money.

Lets say the gaming would be five euros. To some players that would be too much. For a warm, dry and safe environment to play in. WTF! I would pay 10-15 euros to play in a such site.


In my opinion finnish airsofters should gather under a one big registered name and with that money from all the players we could rent a decent warehouse.


Anyways, great site and I bet great gaming too. I need to move to Belgium...





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thats quite a shame there dude, but some of are indoor site`s in the uk go up to £40! saying that they do look after you... sometimes.


but the way i see it, a good site consists of safe zone shelter!! free bacon, more free bacon and the occasional sausage!!


i say free but included with the price you pay for the day.

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