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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Not all me, but everyone else in my club is too cool to post on forums.


High contrast coincidentally unstaged hero photos:







Actually not posed, just some pro battlefield photographers hanging around.


Not so well taken but still awesome:









Oh and our tactical Russian. Pull the rip cord and away he goes:










He's only about 5'6 but he's scary.

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Two old pictures that's not posted before.


From 2009, Marine'ish gear.


Guarding a ruined building



Next one from 2010, Ranger'ish gear.


Taking cover.


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That aint snow! thats either white colored rain or jizz...


You should come to Sweden, there you can drown in it!


Well, it didn't taste like jizz. Err, I mean... nvm.

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Yeah it's pretty badass. Our site (First and Only Bolton) is divided into two fields separated by a hill/ravine/boggy stream type thing. The top field is the pine forest from the pic, quite linear and difficult to hide in effectively, but has some awesome manmade bunkers.


The ridge on the northern side of the top field, adjacent to the aforementioned stream, provides a great tactical advantage over opfor approaching from the bottom field. There's a bridge to cross if they feel brave, but they're vulnerable to fire from the bunker at the top of Hamburger Hill, as we call it. There's other crossing points if you know where to look, but generally speaking, if you're given the job of assaulting this ridge, expect to be royally bummed. The bottom field is more typical Briitish forest, with lots of fallen trees that allows for sneaky assaults and ambushes galore.


Awesome site. Only downside is that we often find used johnnies. :(

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