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Rambo Kid

Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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Had a couple of kills with it strapped to the end of my rifle. Got a bit of a reputation for suicidal charges and it does actually have an affect on the other team. One of the blokes i've played with for over a year was on the opposite team on Sunday, and was the sole man holding a container (the green one i'm against). He had to keep checking both ends just to make sure i wasnt going to sneak up and bayonet him, and eventually a team mate managed to jump him as he was moving between both ends.





Poor Darren, I'm sure he'l get you back some time soon Sean....

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Pics from a game this saturday, funny enough there was 6 people taking photos and we only got pics from one of them. I'm the guy in woodland with the Ciras and Mich helmet.





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