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Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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I'm no photoshop expert but I can't help but notice a slight problem here...  

From the post apoc larp game with airsoft called "Blodsband" in Sweden. 3 day event with 700 people. Pretty much like fallout.   Me and my tribe "Stammen", im the one with feathers in the mask.  

Posted Images

Op Clean Sweep (Falklands themed weekend event with Take Aim mag in attendance), Foxtrot 58, July 2009:


Raid on Top Malo, self with SLR, '58 webbing in Combat Equipment, Fighting Order




Change of head-dress, trousers & weapon (to M16A1 with borrowed image intensifier), before heading out for the night phase, bergens laden:


Another change of head-dress, back to the SLR, and under fire near Wireless Ridge (in daylight; you can see the sheep were well used to it by now!)


Taking the Argentine surrender, in yet another new hat, RAF this time (history repeated itself!)




The morning after the night before (no hat at all this time!)


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Sorry to say but whiting out/fuzzing out faces in airsoft pics makes you look more special than special forces. Those 2 pics might have been funny if we had seen expressions.



Firstly, airsoft is a niche as hell hobby and not everybody will have the same opinion of it as us - some people may find it sad or whatever, others may take a dimmer view of it, espically with todays climate, its a shame but I'd hazard that its true.


Secondly, its apparent that the people in those pictures who have been whited out are not those of the guy that posted the picture - he is probably doing the right thing given that those people may not want thier face plastered over the internet.



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Shultz98, kitlist please?

I am the large one in the center my kitlist is



kalash aks74 with VFC wood and stained MAG mags(G&P m160 motor, systema hopup rubber and tightbore barrel)

Real sword SVD with Belarussian POSP 4x scope

Flora BDU pants and jacket

Gorka E summer pattern Pants and jacket.

random chinese vest that looks kinda like a Grad-2 vest(like 40$)

russian airborn telnyashka

Mag brand magazines



Not pictured


Grey Ushanka wool hat dated 1975

3 hole woolen balaclava

spetznas style cut off fingerless gloves


If I think of anything else Ill post up, for now that seems like what I got.

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heres some more pictures\


Gorka E

Chinese Grad-2 lookin kinda vest

Soviet fake leather belt with green buckle

1975 dated soviet ushanka

1000 round element black RPK magazine

Kalash slr106ur with ACM Kobra and Element PBS-1

KSC m93r II heavyweight with folding stock

vans flat sneakers(my wunnabe gazelles for the next week or 2)

wool knit balaclava

random warm gloves that didnt stand out to much








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shultz, the ak mag on the previous pic, how did you stain it? Is it just a regular plastic mag with wood stain (like the stuff i put on the shed) painted on? Looks the business.



yeah its just mag mags with minwax red oak, do it a VERY light coat and let try for 2 days to and cover it with semi gloss spray lacker get the result I have. if you have anymore questions feel free to PM me!!

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During a milsim last weekend I spent 15 minutes clearing out an area in order to capture an enemy - only to find out that capture rules were only for the first segment of the day. -_-


So I executed him.







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Stunt, is this a Double Eagle M56C? How's the play with it, specially in woodland (outside CQB/MOUT/whatever)?


I'm just waiting the retailers here to pick one of then... a shotgun is a shotgun.... (or not. :D)


See ya! []'s

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The Badger has one, and honestly, its not much use in woodland. Its a shotgun so it simply doesn't have the range or penetration you need if you're fighting in bushes and low trees. Its stock is kind of wobbly which is due to its ability to twist requiring a longer screw than it should have. The Badger gave up on it and removed the stock and cut down the barrel to the start of its actual inner barrels. He keeps it on his back, but has yet to use it due to its inferiority to his side arm in most respects. Don't get him wrong, he loves the ugly little thing, it just isn't the best combat weapon.

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