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Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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I'm no photoshop expert but I can't help but notice a slight problem here...  

From the post apoc larp game with airsoft called "Blodsband" in Sweden. 3 day event with 700 people. Pretty much like fallout.   Me and my tribe "Stammen", im the one with feathers in the mask.  

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At a CQC training session and game in PG. We got to be instructed by a real life CQC professional. I am in the middle, my wife is on the left and the teacher in on the right.








Here is some video of that evening. THAT was a long day...drove for 5 hours to get the Prince George, BC to catch the snowday game, drove another hour to get to the evening CQC event, then played till midnight. We were all a little punchy at the end...LOTS of friendly fire. HA! Regardless, It was a blast to play with a bunch of folks I don't usually see, and train with the real thing. Thanks go out to NIA.airsoftbc.com for a great event.




The last game we had on my property before the session ended. I am on the far left, wife is on the far right




Showing off the new team badges and MC grid mask.



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Indoor match was a bit scary to watch. You guys had a real deal close quarters battle instructor there? Was the filmed action before or after he instructed you?

He did not give any tips to use smaller versatile small arms? Some of the players wielded long AK´s and other very long rifles.


Full auto!!?? luckily some of you had full face masks. That kind of full auto gaming would not have happened at any of the finnish CQB sites here. engaging distance is waaayy too short for full auto. Semi is the only way.

Well, rules are different in other countries.


Nice set anyways, but the tactics and entry were a bit n00b. OK, some of the players seemed a bit on the edge. E.g the trigger happiness at the start. Camera, camera!!!

Also, almost some of the players used blind fire. Just barely I could see the player. Well, that could be the camera angle playing tricks.


The boffer sword killed me there!!!! LMFAO.


As said, nice set there. As long as its fun, who gives a damn, right.





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Yeah, he was the real deal. Nice guy. Very patient. There is talk about doing more training. The filmed section was at the last 20 minutes of the day..You can see us leaving on part 2 (if you 'Watched on youtube' you got to see the link) They cycled 4 person teams through the training session while the rest of us played the rest of the arena.


Can I say it immediately effected our play? Hard to say. I was running on fumes, and adrenaline in the end so I seriously doubt it. I think it sunk in more later looking back at it. I wish he would have allowed us to film the training sessions just so we can review.


The very second training run through we did , I ditched the G36 and ran pistol and the rest of the team did like wise. It didn't have to be said, it was just obvious. (Santa is already has inbound a MP5K PDW for my wife, and a p90 for me).


Entry and tactics were VERY noob! Har. We had maybe 30 minutes of live one on four instructor time tops, and he empathized that in the real world they train for days and days, constantly till its reflex and second nature. Half an hour just aint gonna show on tape that evening (wink) ...And I seriously was shot...but everyone was having fun and didn't want to stop which means they will do it again, and the noobish will wear off. Heck It was amazing we had no injuries or spills.


I was pretty happy with the lack of blind firing, which was an excellent reflection on their local group...something my local guys is still making up their minds about.(I lean towards no..for safety and gameplay reasons)


Semi in CQC is an option some field here employ...but frankly I think full face masks is the way to go...they are cheap, fun and can be had easily. I am thinking off stocking some for sale at our field, right beside the goggles. And semi or full...it just takes one bb to break a tooth.


Ya, the boffer sword...ya...on reflection watching the video, I am like ...whiskey tango f..? Can't say I thought much on it at the time. I was a guest on someone elses site. I have already said no 'magic/riot shields' on my field. I doubt boffer swords would fly.


It was fun...thanks for the comments.


Great to here from Finland


take care




Here is a pic of our field, standing on the functioning comms tower bunker. I am at the top, the wife is on the second step, and our very pink daughter at the bottom. (to keep in the spirit of the thread)


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This is me on our christmas game, its my new loadout, which does have extra stuff, but I was warm as it was. Im going for the Taliban Hunt Tier 1 look (I do also have the blanket for the famous Devgru look as well)








And the long walk back to the regen with my team mate after getting bounced by 12 guys, we still took 7-8 of them out though.




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