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Pictures of you in the field or at a game

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This is a yearly held, 2-day milsim event with players (old friends and respectable teams) from countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc. Total number of participants kept low in preference of quality over quantity.


The ingame helicopter insertion was done by the crazy Slovaks. :)


More here:


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I'm no photoshop expert but I can't help but notice a slight problem here...  

From the post apoc larp game with airsoft called "Blodsband" in Sweden. 3 day event with 700 people. Pretty much like fallout.   Me and my tribe "Stammen", im the one with feathers in the mask.  

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Does this count?


Technically i am in the field lol


Now that's an idea .... next time im out on a LAN i'll go fully kitted :D


Do my eyes deceive me, or are you no longer stuck with fluorescent guns?


Unfortunately we are. We are allowed to "hide" them during the actual game though, some people use the painted parts for transport and switch them to play, although that's stretching the definition of "hiding".

And some just get tired of this ridiculous laws and ignore them ( at the risk of being fined of course ).

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A bit late, but I figured it was best to reply. Better late than never.


What's up with the blue jeans team?


It was royalist guardsmen versus civilian rebels at that op. I elected to join the rebels, who were required to wear civvie clothes.


Maybe they´re reenacting some civilians special ops.... or private security contractors...


Well, not really special ops. Just civilian forces in general.

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Today we have here in Portugal, near 32º, so we went to the river.






We made some cool games (i'm editing a video) and then went to th DAM.




We try to ram down the door, but i only manage t urt my shulder. :D



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Couple pics of me today, safezone and in action...


Waiting for the game to start, posing with a mate's little brother (he's using my G&P car-15, which is a perfect size for him!)




rifle went down and car15 ran out of battery halfway through so went at it with pistol and grenades... outran most of my team and got stuck in the village amongst the other side. Seriously adrenaline-fuelled speed reload:




And defending a house we had to blow up while bellowing for the demolitions team to get there with the det kit. I'm actually using my CAR in my right and my Colt in my left, but coupled with shoutey face I just look like I'm epically limp wristed...



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