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Daytonagun Steel parts for GHK AK's


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Nice to see :) If he can add a selector arm and a rear trigger hook to those parts then Im sure some of us will be dusting down the credit card


If he can do that AND put them out at a price that reflects the gas in mag compromise of the gun they're going to end up in then I suspect a lot more folks would be interested i.e. the ceiling price for a gas in mag solution isnt likely to be as high as folks would be willing to go for a full steel set of escort internals (where the end result can be used all year round)


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As you may or may not know, you need to be a member of that forum to be able to view the threads. Much like Arnies.


Sorry about that, though it was free to view, but obviously not.


Worth signing up to that forum if you have any interested in any type of gas gun.


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Well, as much as I love my hoses, if I were to make a "Derkistani tribesman" loadout, I probably wouldn't have any place to keep a CO2 or HPA bottle and rig, and I wouldn't need more than 2-3 magazines anyway.

This is why the GHK has some appeal to me; events that are more geared towards roleplaying elements than triggertime.


If, however, I wanted to do a Russian loadout, then yes, I'd save up for a Daytonagun AK-74 of some kind.

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Pics in the thread, basicly as title.


Justin has updated his thread to give prices.


US$175 for the set, that includes postage and paypal fees.


Got to say that is much less that I was expecting, might get one of these gun now.



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aye at 175 its a no brainer :)


now if he'd do the trigger, rear trigger hook. selector lever and hammer interupt to complete the set that would be stupendous With full steel internals Id even fold my own receiver flat and build an AKSU to proper spec then :)


LOL, I hope it doesn't need all those doing to make it work right, I hope??? Would it be useable if you installed Justins parts, or does it still need more to be done?

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basically those 4 complete it - though only two of them can be said to have any real issues


the inner selectors have been known to break at point where the bolt for the outer selector gets screwed onto it


the original rear trigger hook can be undersized and exacerbate probs with the selector


so those two really could do with uprated versions


As for the other two


original interupter its fine at the moment but:


1 its a weeny little part that I doubt would be more hassle to remake than the valve knocker is


2 its currently searing against another cast zinc part (hammer) and tripped by the zinc bolt carrier. If those two parts are now steel it might well become weakest link and start to suffer additional wear


Nothing really wrong with the original trigger but if all the rest of the bits end up steel then why not :)


If he can do the parts he has made for 175 (including CNC'ing the big chunky awkward bolt) then I'd suspect the other 4 small ones might cost another 75? I'd certainly go 250 to 300 to get the reassurance of a 'full set'

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I think it is taking an "affordable" GBB gun and making it dangerously close in price to his own Daytona AK's which are beastly expensive. I am ok with speding $600 for an airsoft gun, but at $1000+ I can think of a lot of real guns I would own instead.

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The GHK/DG combo does have couple of neat points over the Escortised gun - longer bolt travel more realistic feel to the firing mech, stripping of the gun etc


If both were same price (or you're only into buying one) Id def buy the escortised one first.


Got money for both and a place where you can make use of a gas in mag gun buy the GHK/DG too


Hate the prospect of external rig but are dead set on a gas blowback AK whatever the skirmish restrictions it'll impose then Id consider


650 dolar spend on a more or less 'all steel where it matters' GIM setup (say 300 for the bits I outlined in steel plus 250 GHK kit and 100 VFC AK)


prefferable to


525 on a mixture of zinc and steel that could still have a few weak points (175 DG kit plus 250 GHK kit and 100 VFC)




350 for the (currently) cant rely on it at all stock version. If folks DO have the time to wait for that then thats a different story (and if GHK can wring some reliability out of their boltcarrier then its going to be beneficial from a ROF/Gas consumption POV over a heavy steel one)


Personally I just cant be arsed waiting anymore - The RS 56-1 I have here I'll probably go down the escortised route on whereas the other half a dozen or so VFC/Dboys designs I want converted I'd most likely opt for the GIM approach on those and go with as many steel parts in each as Justin is willing to churn out for them.

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one set bought n paid for for testing - still got a standard bolt carrier that's hanging on by a thread so I should be able to do a ROF and gas consumption test between them once it arrives



Great, looking forward to your thoughts. Will you do a new review or add it to the current one?

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