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The hopup is very good, its like a g36 on the lower part and like a AK47 hopup(similar) on the uper part......its very stable. And one more thing, the hopuprubber is the sharktype= this had two flaps instead of the blob that the ordinary hopup rubber has. and that is like night and day in range and accurate. But the spacer is to weak if you are going to use bb like .25, 0.28 and so on.


I really recomed the element rubbers(new type, red and blue) and the acm H-spacer for all your guns....you will get a new rifle with this setup;)


All my teammates went mad when they took a look at this gun...and now this will be our teamgun;) if i am abel to get some more.

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Element rubbers? first person who recomends them :P anyway, Im surprised with the quality of the hop chamber, being a new design from chinese cloners I would have never bet for something good...


maybe on the future I will think about getting one of these masadas and make any weird/insane project...

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the plastic on my masada is 100% solid......more then any other aeg with ex plastic handguard/lower


Yes its solid, but its .... I don't know... this funny feeling that I don't like but you are right, its solid, no creeks or wobbles.

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