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Pictures of your Chest Rigs

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Felt bad for bringing people to have a go at Airsoft and having no tac gear to lend then so I whipped up a cheapo chest rig and way too pleased how it turned out. Viper VX buckle up rig - £28 Wynex

Jaeger and Tarzan rigs plus a Czech bag for more frags and whatnot.  

Being a massive Chest Rig fan myself, these are some of my commercial & issue ones from the collection, that I use for gaming & are good to go for a British Northern Ireland loadout...   Arkit

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My not-so-new Iraq theatre worn SOTech rig. Beat to ######, but I love it. Snagged her for $40 at the local shop.




Pouches are as follows:

BHI 3X 40mm.

BHI Flasbang pouch

ATS Radio pouch

MSM Small patch pouch

Country Comm EOD Utility bag which serves as my dump pouch/whatever bag.


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Who needs molle anyway :P


I dont know about Murph's SKS as his is the 9 pouch one but mine will hold one mag in each of the 8 centre pouches. The one on the far left is just slightly too small which may just be a slightly miss sized pouch as its only a couple of mm too small. The pouch on the far right will hold two mags but as it's only friction which holds the mags in I just use it for my radio.

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I have the same SKS rig as Murph and yeah, all of the pouches fit M4 mags fine. However magpuls really help to extract mags from the 3 center pouches.


- Zepher


Good to know! I wasn't exactly excited about having to pull my gear out to check. :D

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About those SKS rigs, how adjustable are the straps? My friend tried one on and the top of the magazine pouches came to about six inches below his chin, which seems like a less than ideal position. I only realized after we left the store that we didn't try adjusting the straps to ride lower.


I guess it depends on how large/skinny you are. I'm 5'10"ish with a slim build and I wear my SKS rig quite low.

So I would say they are fairly adjustable.


- Zepher

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